Mediterranean Aromatic Tour in Sardinia, Italy : 22-23 June 2016

Blue skies, beautiful sunshine, a huge variety of evergreen plants: this is Sardinia.

The second biggest island in Italy, Sardinia is a natural paradise. In response to the mild climate of the Mediterranean region numerous indigenous herbs and evergreen trees can be found here: rosemary, thyme, myrtle, olive and many more. The island is also famous for producing top quality wine from its abundant vineyards.

Our Aromatherapy Tour will show you the full range of the region’s flora in its authentic form. Please come to replenish your senses and revitalise your spirit in an island overflowing with pure and natural energy!


A tour for education and relaxation

The first day of the tour will take you to a small local distillery and herb museum in Sadali. After lunch at a provincial Sardinian restaurant, your afternoon will take you on a guided nature trail walk. Here you can see Sardinia’s wild aromatic plants and experience their gorgeous organic fragrance. Please take this rare opportunity to feel the true essence of Mediterranean aromatherapy!

The second day begins in Sardinia’s capital Cagliari, where you will visit the botanical gardens for field study. We then travel to the town of Sanluri. You can deepen your knowledge of what you’ve experienced at a lecture by aromatherapy practitioner Elena De Cortes, followed by a refreshing “Campidanese” lunch (the local cuisine) for relaxation and discussion. Finally, you will visit an award-winning vineyard and winery, where you can unwind in the sunshine and “taste” the fruits of Sardinia!


Who is suitable for the tour?

Anyone who is interested in aromatherapy. Suitable for all levels of aromatherapy study, from beginners to qualified therapists! No qualification required.

For those who have never studied aromatherapy before, we are happy to offer a free introductory lecture before the date of the tour. This will be held in London. Further details are available on application.




Tour itinerary
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Day 1:Wednesday 22 June 2016Day 2:Thursday 23 June 2016


  • Meet up in Cagliari – drive to Sadali (90 mins approx.)
  • Visit essential oil Distillery and Herb museum in Sadali run by Mr Salvatore Mura

Lunch (included in the tour price)


  • Aromatic country walk in Sadali 
  • Return to Cagliari


  • Meet up in Cagliari – Mediterranean Aromatic herbs guided tour at Cagliari botanical gardens
  • Drive to Sanluri (45 mins approx.)

Lunch (included in the tour price)


  • Lecture about “Sardinian and Mediterranean aromatherapy” by Aromatherapist Elena De Cortes 
  • Visit vineyard & wine tasting. Here we can discuss what we have seen and learned on the tour in the relaxed ambience of an authentic local wine-makers!
  • Return to Cagliari  
Tour Map in Sardinia

  • We’ll inform you of all practical information on application
  • Accommodation / hotel fees are not included in the price. However, we are happy to recommend everyone a good hotel in Cagliari. Details to come.
  • Please click here for information about your lecturer Elena De Cortes.
  • Your organisers Emi and Elena will join the tour group. You can ask them any questions about aromatherapy during the trip.


Tour price £210Included in the priceNot included in the priceNote
  • All prices stated are per person.
  • Please click the tabs “Included in the price” and “Not included in the price” for details.
  • All guides and the lecture are carried out in English.
  • Please make payment by bank transfer, cash or cheque (details on application)
  • If you’d prefer paying by another currency (e.g. Euro, Japanese Yen), please let us know. We’ll inform you of the new price (including any process commission fees)
  • Transportation to and from all destinations 
  • Lunch during the tour on both days
  • All entrance and guided tour fees
  • Lecture fee
  • Airfare to Sardinia
  • Accommodation / hotel fees 
  • Breakfast and dinner during the tour
  • Personal expenses during the tour
  • Medical expenses related to injuries and illness
  • Transportion for suitcases (hand luggage is acceptable. If you need to bring large luggage, please let us know in advance.)

※ We recommend you take out travel insurance.

  • Accomodation fees are not included. As we are based in Cagliari, we recommend you arrange  accommodation there.
  • In the event of poor weather, traffic conditions, sudden closure of tourist attractions or any other unavoidable circumstances, we reserve the right to change the tour plan accordingly.
  • Please bring comfortable shoes to wear for vineyards and natural mountain paths. 
  • We bear no responsibility for any illness, injury, or loss / damage of your belongings and liability from any third party during the course of the tour. We recommend that you purchase overseas travel insurance if this is a concern.

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We are the organisers for the tour

Elena De Cortes



Elena De Cortes – Sardinian Aromatherapy expert

Elena is a practising aromatherapist and reflexologist in Sardinia, where she runs the “Mama Earth studio” in Cagliari and Sanluri.

An ITHMA graduate, she has a particular interest in women’s health and natural perfumery. In order to promote the use of aromatherapy in everyday life, she regularly holds workshops and conferences, taking part in local events and teaching in naturopathy schools.

Since she’s moved back to Sardinia from London, she has been actively researching the local aromatic plants and their role in Sardinian culture.

Emi with Mr. Salvatore Mura in 2013

Emi Hojo – Tour organiser

When I visited Sardinia for the first time in 2013, I was struck by the diversity of the natural environment. Aromatic evergreen herbs such as Rosemary, Thyme and many more grew wild in abundance, and I immediately realised the island was an undiscovered gem for Aromatherapy explorers!

Indigenous Sardinian plants like the beautifully fragrant Myrtle are used in local essential oil production, as is Neroli – a rare sight indeed, as this oil is most often produced in North Africa or the Middle East.

While Aromatherapy is not usually associated with Sardinia, the many aromatic herbs I found during my time there led me to believe that the Mediterranean is an ideal place to study them in their natural habitat.

I’m very much looking forward to exploring the “island of fragrance” together!