Herbal Medicine Treatment

Herbal Medicine is made from parts of plants such as the root, stem, flower or berries and it helps to heal and prevent diseases.

Herbal Medicine is the oldest form of medicine and has been utilized for medication and wellbeing for over 6000 years. For example, one of the most famous and old well known Herbal Medicines, Chamomile, was used as a treatment for anxiety as well for its anti-inflammatory properties. Well-known medicines such as aspirin were initially synthesised from plants too.

Medical Herbalists who have studied pharmacology, pathophysiology, human anatomy and physiology and nutrition, are qualified and able to prescribe Herbal Medicines to those on pharmaceutical medication, that will not clash with or disturb the efficacy of your current medication.

Moreover, most conventional medicines usually only have one active ingredient, as opposed to Herbal Medicines which have multiple active ingredients able to support our health and beauty.



Prescribed personalized treatments include…

  • Skin issues  e.g: Acne, Eczema
  • Digestive issues  e.g: IBS: Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Constipation
  • Gynecology issues   e.g: Fertility, PMS: Premenstrual Syndrome, Irregular menstruation
  • Emotional issues   e.g: Mild depression, Anxiety



So here is a breakdown of the treatment schedule!


  1. The first consultation usually takes 60 to 90mins and the Medical Herbalist asks you about your main symptoms, entire case history, diet and lifestyle.
  2. The Medical Herbalist gives advice and discusses options for your diet and lifestyle.
  3. The Medical Herbalist takes clinical exams depending on symptoms.
  4. At the end of the consultation, the Medical Herbalist gives you your treatment plan and the Medical Herbalist takes clinical exams depending on symptoms, sends off your Herbal Medicine (it usually takes 3 to 7 days for delivery).
  5. Please follow the instructions and take prescribed herbal medicine.
  6. The Medical Herbalist would like to check up on your progress and symptoms approximately a month after the first consultation. The follow up consultation takes between 30 to 45mins and the Medical Herbalist discusses the treatments again and amends them if necessary.

About Herbal medicine

herbalmedicinePlease note – According to consultation, Herbal medicine fee will be charged separately.

Herbal Tea (100g) or Tincture (100ml) :£15
Herbal Tea (100g) and Tincture (100ml)  : £20

(Includes shipping fee inside the UK) ✴Please ask the shipping fee from outside the UK

Please note

  • Basically 3 to 4 consultations are needed in order to properly check and follow up on the progress and efficacy of the prescribed treatments.
  • You can order the same Herbal Medicine treatment for a maximum for 5 months without having a consultation. However, if you have not had a consultation for 6 month, you will be required need to have a new consultation.


I'm your medical herbalist at Rikyu.

Haruka Thwaits 

Becoming a beauty therapist who incorporates human anatomy and physiology was a case of fate for Haruka, which she first showed an interest in while learning human dissection, anatomy and physiology in the dentistry college in Japan. This keen interest in the subjects prompted a change in direction for her and after discontinuing the dentistry college she immediately enrolled in prestigious hair dressing school. She received a Japanese National Hair Dresser Licence and also acquired various sought after qualifications within the beauty industry such as nails and make-up etc.

After coming to the UK, she studied Beauty and Spa Management at the London College of Fashion. Whilst studying there she received one award for massage and another for aromatherapy which only one student is able to receive. When she was an intern in a five star hotel’s spa, she implemented high class treatments coupled with first class hospitality.
She graduated from Westminster university Herbal Medicine course and she introduces herbal treatments into health and beauty.



What the clients say...

I’m used to having an irregular period and strong period pains from since when I was a teenager but when Haruka started to prescribe me Herbal Medicine, I began getting regular period frequency and my periods became less and less painful. Thank you Haruka!

S.A London

After being on some serious pharmaceutical medication, I was low on energy and moody for a long time. Herbal Medicine changed my life and I now enjoy gardening again. Thanks a lot.

E.S Lodnon


We'd like to offer you at the special price!

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Herbal Medicine


Herbal Medicine Treatment   
(Exclude Herbal medicine fee)

60~90 mins

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Follow-up session 30~45 mins £35 £30*
Herbal medicine fee      
Herbal Tea (100g) or Tincture (100ml)   £15
Herbal Tea (100g) and Tincture (100ml)   £20

〜Supporting your health and beauty from within by holistic Herbal Medicine〜

Rikyu’s Herbal Medicine treatment is Western Herbal Medicine which is based on traditional knowledge of herbs combined with updated scientific research and knowledge.

We prescribe personalized Herbal Teas as well as Tinctures which are infused with alcohol extract.

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