How to make your own facial oil?

 Today I want to introduce an activity that is always a lot of fun – making your own cosmetics! I’ll be showing you how to create a facial oil for soothing and repairing the skin after being in the sun.

Did you go to the beach or enjoy a BBQ this summer? Maybe you went to see the Olympics in London? I hope you enjoyed this sunny season with some SUN PROTECTION!

Although most people try to to protect their skin from exposure to the sun, it’s still easy to get sunburned. This most often results in dehydrated, dry and sensitive skin, which in turn leads to sluggishness, unwanted blemished mark and wrinkles.

If you are looking for Aromatherapy skin care, a facial oil would be my best recommendation. This is because organic natural vegetable oil is the best way to vitalise and protect the skin well, especially for damaged and tired skin after exposure to the sun!

Apricot kernel oil mixed with Calendula oil is my favourite blend of vegetable oils for after-sun skin care, thanks to their skin-healing properties. For essential oils, I like to use English Lavender, English Chamomile and German Chamomile to take advantage of their anti-inflammatory, soothing and cooling properties.
So here is the recipe!

After-sun soothing and repairing facial oil 10ml (2% dillution essential oil)

  • Apricot kernel oil 7.5ml
  • Calendula oil 2.5ml
  • English Lavender 2drops
  • Roman Chamomile / English Chamomile 1 drops
  • German Chamomile 1drops

1. Put all ingredients together

Apricot kernel oil 7.5ml

Calendula oil 2.5ml

Lavender oil 2drops, Roman Chamomile 1drop

German Chamomile 1drop

 2. Blend well

Blend all the ingredients well

3. Store in a sterilized 10ml amber glass bottle. 

Store in a sterilized dark glass bottle


4. Always tight the lit and keep away from the sunlight.

Use within 3 month and keep away from sunlight

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