RICE FORCE at five-star spas

The RICE FORCE cosmetic brand has been developing products in Japan since 2000, inspired by the natural healing powers of rice with respect to ancient spiritual traditions. Currently it is used in 42 countries worldwide.

RICE FORCE is becoming increasingly recognised as a worldwide spa brand. It is used in many top spas, including the Moana Lani Spa – ranked as both one of the best spas in Hawaii and among the top hundred spas in America – and a five-star resort hotel in Thailand, the Anantara Bangkok Riverside Resort & Spa. 

Rikyu is the sole RICE FORCE partner salon in the UK since we began our collaboration in 2015, and we have developed an original treatment menu exclusively for the salon! We are now offering our “RICE FORCE Massage”. This is a massage treatment that replenishes energy to the mind and body while clearing the soul. Our unique approach, based on Japanese aromatherapy and Japanese massage therapy, combines various traditional techniques originating from ancient Japan.



About RICE FORCE Massage


Combining several Japanese effleurage (手掌軽擦法) and acupressure (指頭圧迫法) techniques, the treatment helps to promote blood circulation and energy flow. Our Japanese RICE FORCE Massage therapy is excellent for activating the body’s self-healing powers and restoring a feeling of well-being to both the spirit and mind, as well as achieving relief from muscle pains.

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About RICE FORCE Japanese aromatic treatment oil

Blending beautiful natural Japanese essential oils such as Yuzu and Japanese red cedar, the aromatic energy of this oil resonates beyond the physical level, giving deep replenishment to the spirit and soul. We have three aromatic blends to adjust the excess and deficient ‘Ki’ and allow it to flow freely.

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This treatment is especially recommended for...

  • Tiredness (lower backache, cold and heavy limbs) and/or muscular tension (migraine, backache, shoulder pain) associated with mental fatigue including stress, worry and over-thinking
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Impure and uninspired spirit
  • Improving well-being
  • Deeper relaxation for body and mind
  • Those who wish to try a facial “TSUBO”massage (not including steam, facial mask etc. Please choose a facial treatment if you wish to treat your skin.)
  • Those who wish to have foot bath, foot TSUBO therapy or Reiki combined with Aromatherapy.
  • Those who wish to have a different type of Aromatherapy 






As RICE FORCE's official certified trainer, Emi trains therapists around the world.

Rikyu’s owner-therapist Emi has been intimately involved in the development of the RICE FORCE spa menu. She is now also a RICE FORCE official trainer, providing technical guidance to therapists at spas around the world, including Thailand, Germany, Czech Republic etc.

Emi believes that a high quality massage arises from the “synergy” between the therapist and the client. Based on this belief, RICE FORCE massage is a simple yet deep approach, utilising the therapist’s own sensitivity to the heart and soul of the client.

Emi has also trained Rikyu’s therapists Rika and Haruka directly, and she is constantly working on improving both her and their technical capabilities and services.
Please enjoy a blissful time with us, deep-healing your mind and body with the fusion of traditional Japanese massage techniques and aromatherapy in our RICE FORCE massage!

We are looking forward to seeing you at Rikyu!




We are pleased to announce that we will be offering a NEW YEAR special trial for our RICE FORCE massage at £49 (60 mins). If you wish to have a full session for 95 mins, it's £75 (usually £120)!

This offer is available from 5th January 2018 to 19th January 2018. 

Our fully-trained therapists Rika and Haruka will look after you under this offer! 

Your feet will be warmed with a Japanese sake (rice wine) foot bath. We also prepare an eye mask for tired eyes, and a warm couch to cocoon your body and mind.

Please fill in the schedule of your choice from the form below and press the submit button. We will confirm your booking forthwith.


  • The 60 minute offer doesn’t include Japanese sake foot bath, Facial and Foot Tsubo treatment.


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