Japanese aromatherapy

Japanease rice & camellia oil – RICE FORCE Treatment oil Ku

Japanease rice & camellia oil – RICE FORCE Treatment oil Ku

RICE FORCE Treatment Oil “KU” is a fragrance-free oil, containing the same vegetable base oil as our “QI “, “SEI” and “RYU ” treatment oils.

Blended with Japanese rice germ oil and camellia oil, it leaves the skin nice and smooth, keeping it hydrated and preventing dryness.

Today, let’s take a look at the efficacy of these two Japanese vegetable oils based on scientific research!

Ko-do – Traditional Japanese aromatherapy

Today I’d like to introduce the classical art of “Ko-do”, which translates as “the way of incense”. Have you heard of this? It’s very different from “aromatherapy”, so please put your preconceptions aside! This is the one of the three traditional artistic accomplishments in Japan. You may know about the other two – Japanese flower arrangement (Ikebana or Ka-do) and the tea ceremony (Sa-do). Ko-do is the least well-known art culture even for us. Since ancient times people have been enjoying pleasant aromas, leading to the development of the perfume culture in Europe and of “Ko” (incense) in Japan. Ko-do involves experiencing the incense of aromatic wood (Koboku) within a…