The Top 10 health concerns – introduction

Hello! Our new topic is one that is very relevant to us here at Rikyu – the 10 most common complaints people come to us with! As you can imagine, we have a wide range of clients at the salon who also have a wide range of needs! However, there are certain problems that come up again and again, so I’d like to spend some time talking about how specific issues can be dealt with in the best way possible. I will be detailing the root causes of all these problems, and letting you know about the best way to address them. I hope we can work together to solve your problems! Tomorrow I’ll be letting you know about the most common complaint I hear – shoulder tension! Emi Please give us a call on 07545 129 237 or email : for bookings or more information!

Rikyu Health & Beauty Salon

Rikyu Health & Beauty Salon

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