Asian aromatic balm | Ease muscular pain after sports and acute lower back pain


Muscle Balm with “Asian” Blend

Muscle balm

  • Oily material:
    • Arnica oil (10ml)
    • Shea butter (5ml)
    • Beeswax (1 ml)
    • Emulsifying wax (derived from vegetable olive oil) (2 ml)
  • Aqueous material:
    • Purified water (8 ml)
    • Epsom salt (or magnesium salt) (8 ml)
  • Essential oil:
    • Lemongrass (4 drops)
    • Plai (4 drops)
    • Coriander (4 drops)
    • Lime (4 drops)
How to make
  1. Put all of the oily materials in a heat resistant bowl, warm until all the ingredients are completely melted and mix well with a whisk. (you can use an electric whisk)
  2. At the same time, heat the purified water, add Epsom salt (or magnesium salt) to completely melt it and prepare the magnesium oil.
  3. When the magnesium oil is completed, check that the temperatures of 1 and 2 are the same and add one to the other little by little, mixing them well with a whisk (the type you would make fresh cream with).
  4. Add the essential oils and mix together. Decant the finished product into a cream jar!


After sports or bath use the cream onto the affected areas. You will feel different the next morning!

It can be useful for acute lower back-ache, legs and shoulders as well. Give it a try!

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