We at Rikyu are proud to announce that we are now offering Environ professional Electro-Sonic DF treatments using the Ionzyme® DF 2 Machine


ENVIRON FOCUS-ON is an intensive salon facial to target specific areas where there are damaged skin cells to repair. Perfect for when your time is limited.


  • FROWN 
    Targets the appearance of expression and frown lines
  • EYE 
    Targets the appearance of wrinkles and dehydrated areas around the eyes
    Targets the appearance of scarring and blemishes
    Targets the appearance of pigmented marks


Ideal for top-ups between ESSENTIAL TREATMENTS or as a course on their own. 

Here is how we perform this fantastic facial treatment!

〇 With the initial consultation, we’ll check your physical and skin condition, medical history, allergies etc, and ask about your main concerns and expectations in order to tailor-make your bespoke treatment.


①  Steam cleansing – removing any impurities with facial steam (including make-up removal, skin cleansing, and toning – NO EXFOLIATION)


②  Active treatment – With the Environ Ionzyme® DF 2 Facial Machine working on small areas at one time, at the targeted area, active ingredients will be penetrated into the skin. 

Environ Dual Electro-Sonic Technology – Sonophoresis + Iontophoresis ‐ With this machine, penetration will be boosted more effectively than if applied to the surface of the skin!

Vitamin facial

③  Alginate mask (Cooling mask) in local area (NOT whole face)

※ Alginate Mask…a seaweed mineral extract, sodium alginate cools and sooths the skin. 


④  Final stage (Toning, Moisturising, SPF)


〇 Please relax with a herbal tea after the treatment!


A full course of facial treatments is strongly recommended to get satisfying results for your specific problem or concern.
Environ home care products are advised to combine with the professional salon treatments, as they enhance the effectiveness and work quicker.

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