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How to treat milia at home: Self-care for the skin

July 16th, 2016

Milia – otherwise known as ‘milk spots’ – are those unsightly blemishes that can appear around the eyes or elsewhere on the body. Often found in babies, they can be seen on adults too. While entirely harmless, many people wish to remove them as they can be unattractive. Electrolysis treatments are very effective in treating this condition – however, in this blog I’ll be showing you how to best go about doing this by yourself. Be advised, however, that they most likely will disappear on their own – eventually! Read on if you wish to speed up the process.



Milia around the eyes

Milia around the eyes

Milia are actually small cysts containing dead skin, rather than the pimples many believe them to be. They are located just beneath the surface of the skin. Attempting to squeeze them, however, is not advised! Instead, you will need to excise them. This is a delicate process, and only recommended for those of you with a steady hand and strong nerves. If you are squeamish (or consider yourself helplessly clumsy!) I would suggest seeking professional help with treating the condition, as any mistakes may well end up costing you more in the long run anyway.


How to get rid of Milia


First, cleanse the skin in the affected area with a soft cleanser and pat it dry. You will need a needle or sharp-ended tweezers for the next part – please make sure they are as clean as possible! You really want to avoid causing any secondary infections as a result of this process, so prepare as robustly as you can.

Make a small tear in the skin, either on top of the milia or just beside it. You will need to have made enough space to physically extract the contents of the blemish, but be very careful not to cut too much or too deep. Remember, the milia is resting just beneath the outer dermis, so you don’t need to be too extreme. Then extract the milia with the tip of the needle or tweezers. Be very gentle during this stage of the process! Take your time – it will come, but may need a little coaxing to remove it fully.

Be aware too that if you are working around the eye area you will need to be extra vigilant not to make any sudden movements. I would advise undertaking this process in a place with no distractions (and that includes your phone – turn it off!), and over-compensating on the safety aspects is entirely justified!

Repeat with as many of the milia as you are able. When you’re done, cleanse the area with a gentle cleansing solution and check to see if there is any damage to the skin. Your skin should now be looking much smoother.

Thanks for reading this far, and I wish you all the best in your self-treatment program!