I ALWAYS feel like a different person afterwards!

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have been a regular client of Emi’s for over four years. Despite her moving from her previous location, literally a thirty second walk around the corner from my flat, I now travel 45 minutes to see her in Wembley despite being spoilt for choice where I live. The reason I put myself out, is quite simply because she gives the best facials and massages I have ever had. As someone who travels a lot, I think that I have experience against which to measure her ability. Apart from her facials giving me an instant and obvious benefit skin-wise, it is the relaxation benefits which I value the most. I ALWAYS feel like a different person afterwards, and her technique is one of the few things which actually improves my mood. I don’t know how, but Emi knows exactly where to apply pressure, how to adapt her treatments to your skin and when to, and when not to disturb you so you can lie there in absolute peace without constant questioning and small talk, which is very often the downside to therapists. I always fall asleep during my facials, probably because they also involve an element of treatment to other body parts as well (head, neck & feet) and because Emi has come to know my skin very well. She is adept at assessing her clients’ moods and has a lovely quality about her so that you feel you’ll always want to know her. Emi’s facials are divine, which is why I have treated some of my best friends to them as gifts. Please try them yourself to see if this testimonial is too good to be true; I assure you it is not.

Georgina, Highbury

August 24, 2014