The skin felt super smooth and plump for days.

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I had the most amazing Rice Force Deep Kobido Tsubo moisturising face lifting facial with Emi at Rikyu Health and Beauty. My therapist Emi is always smiling and very professional and immediately put me at ease. As a beauty therapist I have tried and tested many treatments but this facial was one of the best treatments I have ever had. The specific massage techniques Emi was using were firm yet relaxing so I had to fight myself not nodding off as I really wanted to enjoy and the treatment not to end! The results can be seen immediately on the skin; my pasty winter face had a lovely glow and firmness I thought long gone. The skin felt super smooth and plump for days. I am a fan and will return on regular basis. Thank you Emi , you made my day! All the best,

Tanya C A Christianssen

March 30, 2015