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Aromatic blend for February | Fragrance for love and warmth

February 2nd, 2019

Let’s create an aromatic roll-on inspired by Valentine’s and the February season! 


Aromatic scent for Valentine’s 


In Japan, for the first half of February leading up to Valentine’s Day the public decorations you will see reflect this celebration, with lots of figures of the heart and rosy flowers. 

This season is when some people suffering from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and even those who are not suffering can also be likely to feel sorrowful, so the Valentine’s Day atmosphere can help to give warm and bright feelings to a tired mind!

If I could recommend you the scent to match well for Valentine’s Day, my choice would be rose, as it’s the best-known flower associated with love and romance.

The fragrance of rose is thought to be useful for increasing serotonin, the “happy hormone”, and for suppressing anxiety, and can also help to nourish the obstinate heart!

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February is the season where you can feel hints of the beginning of spring. However, due to the transition from winter to spring the temperature can go up and down, and it is a time to easily get out of shape.

Therefore, continuing on from January, the best advice for keeping the body healthy and strong and improving immunity is to use the energy derived from the fragrance of oils such as citrus.

Aromatic blend for February

In February, I like to make a blend including Yuzu (Japanese citrus peel) and frankincense, together with the scent of rose to make it a little more ‘noble’.

This time, I added one drop of black pepper at the end. When blending spice-based essential oils it plays the role of a “hidden taste” that can shape the whole aromatic blend.

What you need

Let’s greet spring with a gentle feeling, surviving the winter with a fragrance that supports the heart and body with love.

  • Organic Camellia oil (10ml)
  • Essential oils
    • Rose Absolute 3 drops
    • Rose otto 2 drops
    • Geranium 3 drops
    • Neroli 3 drops
    • Frankincense 1 drop
    • Hiba 2 drops
    • Kuromoji 3 drops
    • Yuzu 3 drops
    • Black pepper 1 drop
How to make
  1. Add 10 ml of the camellia oil to a glass beaker.
  2. Put it in a roll-on container, close the lid, and let it ferment for about a week.
How to use
  • Apply the roll-on to the wrist or other body part as necessary.
  • Use when you want to change your mood, or before going to bed.