SHO-CHIKU-BAI is a Japanese word representing the essence of three different plants – pine (sho), bamboo (chiku) and plum (bai). The word is often used at auspicious ceremonial occasions such as New Year or weddings, or for describing Japanese cultural activities such as art, literature, flower arrangement or restaurant courses.

These three plants symbolise natural inner strength, resistance to hardship and longevity. In nature, the pine tree stays evergreen through the cold winter and its needles stay sharp. Bamboo also stays green and beautiful in heavy snow. It’s tough and flexible, yet never breaks in harsh winds. Plum is the only flower to bloom in winter, indicating the fact that spring is coming soon. This reflects beauty and optimism despite times of adversity!

So we offer these package plans to you, wishing for you the energising spirit of inner strength and looking forward to your brighter future!


Ume (plum blossom) course


120 minutes £165

For those who are suffering from accumulated fatigue and troublesome feelings, or from high stress levels and frustration. This course helps to reset your feelings and recharge your energy.

This is a combination body and facial treatment to clear away negative energy and harmonise your soul. Our bespoke holistic massage therapy will detox the body and mind, allowing new vitality to flow! We begin with a full body massage. Then we cleanse your skin with aromatic steam, followed by a bespoke anti-ageing facial massage to rebalance and rejuvenate the skin. Hot and cold stones will be applied throughout the treatment as well.

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Tak-e (bamboo) course


160 minutes £240

For those who have achieved their goals or done a great job, or who want to enjoy a luxurious mood. This course lets those who are always working hard spoil themselves a little! 

This is a holistic journey for the body and spirit! We will combine our massage and facial treatments, with a treatment tailored to your individual concerns. We begin by cleansing your back with aromatic steam. We then perform a full body massage to release nervous tension and muscular stiffness, using a combination of specially blended essential oils. Following that, our steam facial will detox your skin and purify your spirit. Finally we restore your energy with reflexology, to realign your body and promote your wellbeing!

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Matsu (pine tree) course

stone therapy

210 minutes £280

For those who are at turning-point in their life such as marriage or changing career, or for when your skin, body, mind and soul feel like they need to be “cleansed”. This course is designed to encourage you to take that step with an open heart.

The Matsu course is the most elite treatment we offer! Here you can cleanse your inner self and bring your outer beauty to life. After an initial consultation, we begin with a steam back cleansing and full body exfoliation. We then take you on a holistic journey to balance your wellbeing and rejuvenate your spirit! Our bespoke therapeutic body massage will include stone therapy, aromatherapy or reflexology, depending on your individual concerns. You can then experience our purifying facial skin care, with a steam facial treatment and a vitamin penetration of the skin. We will place warm stones under and onto the chakra points of your body during this treatment as well, so you can experience our Zen spiritual stone therapy.

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