All wellness treatments include a FREE 30 minute consultation!

Specialised complementary therapy enhances your well-being as well as your natural healing potential.

The benefits can be at any level, whether emotional, mental, spiritual or physical.


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Ka-Huna massage  New!

60 mins £69 £60*
90 mins £96 £82*

The Ka-Huna massage is a sacred therapeutic Hawaiian body massage, performed with very rhythmic and vigorous movements.

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※ Tuesdays only for Ka-Huna massage.

GAN-KIN Massage


60 mins £66 £57*

The GAN-KIN massage is a hands-on massage for the face, decollete, neck and shoulders and head.  It gives a huge lift-up effect to your skin by releasing the knots and muscle stiffness that builds up around those areas.

After cleansing the skin, we massage firmly around your upper body, leaving you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated!

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Wabi-Sabi holistic massage for your back

back massage

30 minutes £35 £30*

This is a quick treatment designed to release stiffness or tension in your back. Combining several different techniques (including Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, acupressure and more), it helps to ease your back problems within a short session.

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Wabi-Sabi holistic therapy of your choice


60 minutes £66 £57*

This treatment is designed as a full body treatment for your needs. Have a free assessment with us, then we can discuss what therapy would be the best. A therapeutic massage, reflexology, reiki, Bowen therapy and many more will be suggested.

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Wabi-Sabi holistic therapy as you go

body massage

90 minutes £89 £76*

This treatment is designed as a top-to-toe deep relaxation experience! After a free assessment we create an individual programme tailored to your concerns, incorporating many different techniques and approaches to your health condition.

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Oriental Yin-Yang Aromatherapy

90 minutes £96 £82*

This treatment has been developed from the traditional Chinese medicinal theories of “Yin / Yang” and “Five Elements”. This ancient art is fused with modern Western aromatic treatments to diagnose any physical or emotional problems you may be suffering from. Through massage, we then apply the best combination of essential oils to promote your wellbeing, both in body and mind!

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95 minutes £120 £98*

Alongside our partners RICE FORCE we have created an exclusive spa-only aromatic blended oil, infused with rare exotic Japanese essential oils such as Yuzu and Hakka.  You can try a different aromatherapy experience to help re-balance your body and mind, purifying and inspiring your soul with subtle and humble Japanese aromatic energy!

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Please read here about RICE FORCE Japanese aromatic treatment oil.

Zen spiritual stone therapy

Stone therapy

90 minutes £140 £98*

Zen spiritual stone therapy is a full-body luxury treatment with hot Basalt and cold Marble stones, containing natural healing gifts from Mother Earth! The stones are heated or chilled, and placed under and on chakra points to soothe away tension, relax your muscles and restore your energy. The treatment clears away negativity and creates balance and harmony on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

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Anzan treatment for mothers-to-be

60 minutes £69 £60*

“Anzan” means “easy labour” in Japanese, as a blessing for a good and safe birth. This treatment includes a pregnancy massage with wishes for health for you and your new-born baby. You can be massaged in a sitting position or lying on your side with cushions for support. It helps ease backache and tired legs, reduces water retention and prepares both mother and baby by balancing mind and spirit.