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How to reduce dark circles under your eyes | Jane Iredale

June 7th, 2020

Today, I would like to introduce a concealer that can be used to hide dark circles under your eyes.

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In general, pink concealers are recommended for dark blue circles, which are commonly seen in those suffering with sleep deprivation, and dark black circles, which are often referred to as dark circles and have an old impression.

For blue and black dark circles, use Jane Iredale Active Light No.3 or No.4. It can be used for dark spots.

If you are worried about dullness around your eyes or dark brown circles, a yellow concealer is better. 

For brown dark circles, use Active Light No. 1 or No. 2. I use No.2 under the eyes.

Jane Iredale’s mineral makeup eye concealer, “Active Light”, is effective for reflecting the light to brighten the eyes and cover the dark circles naturally.

※ When using Jane Iredale Active Light No. 2

Active Light contains avocado oil, which is good for wrinkles, as well as cucumber fruit extract, tea leaf extract, buckwheat seed extract, and other active ingredients that relieve swelling and sagging around tired eyes. It’s a very effective product for hiding dark circles.