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Aroma for July ❘ English Lavender field

July 9th, 2019

In July the English lavender fields are in full bloom, with a beautiful contrast between the purple flowers and blue sky.

It is a place with wonderful healing effects where you can fully enjoy “natural aromatherapy”.

One of my annual summer favorite excursions is picking lavender in the Hitchin Lavender field, a few miles north of London.

Lovely contrast with poppy

About English Lavender

The most typical variety of lavender you’ll find in Britain is called “English Lavender” or “True Lavender”.
The latin name is Lavandula Angstifolia.
This Lavender species grows above 800m-1500m above sea level, often in mountainous areas. Hitchin Lavender is cultivated with a variety of English lavenders such as Ashdown Forest and Elizabeth, as well as the pink colored Katherine lavender.

English Lavender : Elithabeth
English Lavender : Katherine

English lavender essential oil is the strongest-sweet scented lavender used in aromatherapy, and is characterized by high levels of linalyl acetate and by its strong relaxation effects.

The harvest season of English lavender is most likely from the beginning to the middle of July.


Lavandin, a hybrid of English lavender and spike lavender, is cultivated in the fields at Hitchin Lavender.

At Hitchin Lavender you can pick the Vera and Grosso varieties that are popular in the UK, as well as the rare white lavandin Edelweiss.

Lavandin: Vera
Lavandin : Grosso
Lavandin : Edelweiss

The essential oil lavandin has a sharper scent and a more refreshing effect for body and soul than English lavender.