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Aromatic blend for September | Aromatherapy for Autumn blues

September 11th, 2019
Autumn blues

September is a time when you need to give careful consideration to your physical condition, as the weather can change from hot to cool almost from day to day. 


Even though the autumn climate feels more comfortable than the summer heat, you still might experience dull or cold feelings, poor appetite and headaches, a depressed mood and lack of sleep.

This could be as a result of the condition we call autumnal fatigue or autumn blues.

This happens because the body, having adjusted to lighter summer eating habits and an air-conditioned environment, is affected by the temperature difference and low pressure peculiar to the turn of the season. The autonomic nerves are disturbed, resulting in decreased immunity and vulnerability to colds or infections. 

To counteract this you will need to warm your body, eat nutritiously, and rest, all to adjust your life rhythm.

Aromatic blend for September

In September, we recommend an aroma blend that will relieve fatigue and improve your immunity while strengthening your mental and physical condition, made with essential oils that nourish your body and mind.


Vetiver is the best essential oil recommended for feelings of fatigue and lassitude. The fragrance extracted from the roots of this plant has a warm and earthy aromatic energy, perfect for improving your strength and allowing you to rest.
Research suggests that it also helps to reduce anxiety and insomnia 

Together with Vetiver, Frankincense is an essential oil that helps boost immunity , and will help you regain your energy, especially when your body and mind are exhausted and your physical condition is poor.

Lavender adjusts the autonomic nerves and helps improve the quality of your sleep.

In preparation for the end of summer and the deepening of autumn, we should choose one citrus essential oil to enhance the digestive system.
This time, we can blend a sweet orange that adds lightness and brightness to a blend of vetiver and frankincense.
Along with the lavender mentioned above, orange has strong anti-anxiety effects and will bring a light feeling.
In addition, the main ingredient, limonene, has the effect of boosting immunity and helps to recover tiredness in the mind and body.


Aromatic body oil for autumnal blues


  • Materials
    • Vegetable oil (30ml)
    • Vetiver (3 drops)
    • Frankincense (3 drops)
    • Lavender (4 drops)
    • Orange (6 drops)
  • How to make
    1. Put vegetable oil in a container
    2. Add 1 drop of essential oil one by one (while checking the strength of the fragrance) and mix well!
  • How to use
    • As a massage oil, it is applied to the whole body while thoroughly massaging tired limbs.
    • You can use it as a bath oil. Apply to the whole body before taking a bath.
    • Use it as an aromatic roll-on.

Self-massage with DIY aromatic body massage oil can be beneficial to treat yourself, clearing physical and mental blues during the autumn.