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DIY deep cleansing at home with clay

March 23rd, 2017

Today, I would like to introduce you to a facial cleanser scrub made by mixing clay powder with cleansing milk. (Please refer to this article regarding the use of clay powder)

You can try the deep cleansing of your skin at home by using the sebum absorption action of clay to remove dirt, aging or ‘horny’ skin without any difficulty.

Deep cleansing

Cleansing Clay Milk

Cleansing clay milk

  1. Take a 2cm-width-size portion of cleansing milk (or cleansing cream, cleansing gel, etc.) of the type you normally use.
  2. Take about 1/2 teaspoon of white clay.
  3. Combine the clay and cleansing milk and mix well.
  4. When it’s firm, leave to set.


Apply where the dirt and roughness are worst.


Lightly wet your hand with lukewarm water and apply the clay to the whole face from the nose outward. Apply to the nose first because that is usually where the most sebum and dirt will collect.

Cleanse places where dirt and roughness are worst.

Gently massage the whole face (without cleaning your hands off) in a circular motion starting around the nostrils, then rinse with warm water.

Double cleansing will dry your skin but dirty pores will be a problem. Use the clay to avoid this! You can give your skin a gentle deep cleansing.

After cleansing, gently wipe your skin with cotton moistened with toner, and do not forget to moisturize at the end.