Hawaiian massage offer – October 2019


We are offering 2 different type of “Hawaiian massage”!



  • 1. Ka-Huna massage 

The Ka-Huna massage is a sacred therapeutic Hawaiian body massage, performed with very rhythmic and vigorous movements.

This technique gives you deeper relaxation than conventional massage, and your emotions will feel nurtured and balanced.

Ka-Huna massage is most beneficial for anyone who suffers from mental or emotional stress, insomnia or exhaustion.

It’s also for anyone who’d like to try a new style of massage!



  •  2. Hawaiian style deep tissue massage 

We now offer the Hawaiian style deep tissue massage, aiming to relieve shoulder tension and lower back pain!

This massage is specially made by our new therapist Ann Mari. The Lomi-Lomi Hawaiian stroking technique increases circulation and warms up the muscles, and eases tense areas with deep tissue procedures.  



  • Ann-Mari is a special massage therapist for Hawaiian style bodywork! 

Ann Mari has 12 years’ experience in giving massage. She is especially passionate about the Hawaiian healing massage. 

She trained in Ka-Huna body work and Lomi Lomi massage in Australia. She developed her massage techniques with a holistic approach, aiming to help her clients rebalance themselves physically, mentally and emotionally.









  • We’d like to offer you Ka-Huna or Hawaiian deep tissue massage at the special price of £49 for 60 mins session and £69 for 90 mins session. 

This special offer is available with Ann-Mari on:


  • 29th Oct Tue 

Please enjoy your Hawaiian massage with Ann Mari in our warm and cosy ambience, and receive deep-healing for your mind and body. 

We are looking forward to seeing you at Rikyu!



Please let us know if you’d like to have Ka-Huna massage when booking, as we’ll need some preparation for this special massage. 


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