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Holistic salon interior – Japanese style!

July 9th, 2012

Today I’d like to introduce the interior of my salon to you, and explain the meaning behind my choices!

In Japan, we always take off our shoes before entering a house, keeping separate the space between the outside and inside. As well as for reasons of comfort and cleanliness, it is always seen as poor manners to enter another person’s residence while wearing shoes! The Japanese way of etiquette is strong indeed!

So at Rikyu we have a step between the reception area and treatment room. This is so we can welcome you to the Japanese way of culture, and also to create a separation between the two areas – the “welcoming space” and “your sanctuary” in the treatment room itself. In the reception area I welcome you, as your host, to our way of hospitality. In the treatment room, this is your space to treat yourself and enjoy your journey!

Now, let me explain about our salon decorations!

1 – White charcoal (Bincho-tan) and Bamboo charcoal (To purify the air and clarify the mind)

Charcoal – To purify the air

These are traditional charcoals of Japan. Usually they are used as fuel, but they also have many beneficial effects when their essence is absorbed through the skin pores. They help to refresh the air and clear the mind, making your body more receptive to our work.

2- Kimono sash and miniature Kimono (To beautify the mood and please the emotions)

They are actually my mother’s gift. The kimono sash is a recycle of her unused one as a table runner. The miniature kimono is her hand-made craft with my old kimono in my childhood. They are very beautiful and original creations.

3- Herbal green tea to calm and rejuvenate the spirit

Why don’t you have a cup of herbal tea here to set your mind!

We offer a free healthy and tasty blended herbal tea for you after the treatment, to give you a “pause” in you day before heading back to reality.

I’d like to introduce lots more but I’ll stop here today and show you more of our treatment room in the future!

Enjoy our hospitality!

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