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June 6th, 2014

Hello, and welcome to today’s Rikyu blog!

Taking a short break from our ongoing look at the most common concerns you come to us with, today I’d like to talk about Rikyu’s local neighbourhood – Muswell Hill!

Since we moved to our present location in 2011, I would have to say that the Muswell Hill atmosphere has had a beneficial effect for my treatments! Walking down beautiful leafy streets on a daily basis gives me a clearer perspective and focus on how I can use my knowledge and experience to help my clients with their individual needs. It just goes to show that your environment is an important part of achieving balance and wellness in your life.

Muswell Hill also has a history of being an area with healing properties. The old “Mus Well” that the area is named after (the name is derived from “Mossy Well”) was thought, in times gone by, to give strength and sustenance to anyone who drank from it. These waters still run north from Muswell Hill, but unfortunately are now subterranean! Personally, I can feel the energy in this area of London every day!

Muswell Hill today

Muswell Hill today

In a forthcoming blog I will be talking about some of the more interesting shops and sights of Muswell Hill too. Thank you for reading!


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