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Pigmentation reduction with ENVIRON | Muswell Hill N10

September 9th, 2020

It is necessary for pigmentations skin regime to understand the 7 routes of the process of the formation and to treat the skin patiently.

Today, I would like to explain how Enbiron’s Mera System products work on pigmentation, as well as give tips on how to approach marks functionally.

Environ Mela System (Pigmentation skin care Booster) Use all of these as a set

  • Pigmentation-Specific toner  (Mela-Prep lotion)
  • Pigmentation-Specific serum (Mela-Fade serum A&B)
  • Brightening cream (Mela-Even cream (aka C-Boost))

The ENVIRON MELA SYSTEM is aimed at reducing the pigmentation with 4 specific products to access 6 pathways systematically.

1.Melanocyte activation 
2.Stimulating Tyrosinase
3.Tyrosine activation
4.Melanin production
5.Melanin transfer
6.Reduction pigment


1.Mela-Prep lotion

Mela-Prep lotion:Prepare to reduce pigmentations.

Three active ingredients, Sepiwhite, Niacinamide (vitamin B3), and α-Arbutin, are included to this toner.

It has been shown that α-Arbutin has a inhibitory tyrosinase activity*, Sepiwhite has a melanin production inhibitory effect, and Niacinamide has a pigmentation inhibitory effect by inhibiting the migration of melanin keratinocytes*.

There are also experimental results showing that Sepiwhite (undecylenoylphenylalanine) is effective in reducing hyperpigmentation when mixed with Niacinamide.*

Of the formation pathway, it mainly covers 2 to 6 and suppressing the activity of melanocytes.


2.Mela-Fade Serum

Serum A : Engage in the activities of keratinocytes.。

Serum A contains Biobenefity(Artichoke leaf extract), Geranium Robertianum extract, and Lactic acid.

Biobenefity** and Geranium Robertianum extract** mainly excel in blocking melanin activator, and lactic acid* enhances keratinization and enhances reduction of pigments.

Serum A mainly will cover 1 and 6 of the pathway and working on the activity of keratinocytes to “do not make stains” & “reduce the stains”.

Serum B : It mainly works on the activities of melanocytes.

On the other hand, serum B includes vitamin B5 (panthenol), AlpiniaWhite (seed Alpinia Katsumada Hayata), Clairju® (Plum extract), Neem leaf extract, Sakura Extract (Japanese cherry flower) and Honeybush extract.

AlpiniaWhite blocks melanin activators**. Sakura Extract* is used for tyrosinase inhibitory action, Neem leaf extract* for melanin production inhibitory action, and Clairju®** brightening components that inhibit melanin keratinocyte migration. It also contains panthenol for repairing skin cells, anti-inflammatory effect, as well as moisturizing. Honeybush leaf extract has excellent antioxidant property. It is a serum that mainly focus on melanocyte activity while protecting the whole skin.


3.Mela-Even cream

Mela-Even cream aka C-Boost: It works on the whole process and leads to clear and radiant skin.

Mela-Even cream is also known as C-Boost, and is a vitamin C concentrated cream from Environ well-established for many years.

Vitamin C has brightening effect* as well as anti-oxidant action, which are essential to help reduce pigmentation. It also helps promote collagen production, strengthen capillary. Vitamin E is also added together to further enhance the vitamin c benefits.

C-Boost acts on the entire process of pigmentation formation and contributing into the beautiful skin.


How to use (am/pm)

Preparation: Cleanse and toning the entire face before using the Mela-System products.

  1. Apply Mela-Prep lotion to your worrisome spot by massaging your finger tip.
  2. Take one push each of Mela-Fade Serum A & B and mix together, followed by applying on the same area prepared with the prep lotion.
  3. Apply C-Boost cream to the marks (may be applied to entire face to enhance the benefits)

After that, Environ vitamin cream is applied to the entire face, and in the morning, sunscreen is applied on the top, to protect the skin from the sun. You can also put makeup on it.

If you have a cosmetic microneedle (Environ Roll CIT), roll it on the spots only at night before the application of prep-lotion. It helps enhance the penetration of the active ingredient.

If you have DF mobile, use it together when applying the serum to further enhance the effect.


In conclusion, Environ focuses on the 6 steps of the process of pigmentation formation, by suppressing excessive melanocyte activity and enhancing the function of keratinocytes and performs, in order to reduce the stain marks.

In addition, sunscreen blocks the UV to protect your skin, as well as the vitamin A-based cream helps repair your skin to be healthy and rejuvenated. 

Please contact us for details.