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Kome-nuka steam deep cleansing 50 mins

June 19th, 2016

This treatment is especially recommended for…

  • Dull and blemished complexion
  • Congested skin with blackheads
  • Quickly cleansing and toning the skin

So here is the treatment!

〇 With the initial consultation, we’ll check your physical and skin condition, medical history, allergies etc and ask about your main concerns and expectations in order to tailor-make your bespoke treatment.


①  Steam cleansing – removing any impurities with facial steam (including make-up removal, skin cleansing, deep cleansing, extraction and toning)

② Extraction


③ Clay facial masks for your skin type will be applied to purify and tone the skin

Clay mask

④    During the mask, we’ll give you a neck, shoulder and scalp massage

⑤  Final stage (Toning, Moisturising, SPF)



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