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The Causes of Shoulder Tension

May 2nd, 2014


Let’s continue with our look at the top 10 health concerns that people come to us with here at Rikyu!

Probably the most common complaint I get is something you don’t usually hear too much about – shoulder tension. It might not sound as serious as many other health concerns, but shoulder pain can be debilitating and distressing for anyone suffering from it.


The main causes of pain in the shoulders are bad posture (often brought about by sitting hunched at a computer) and lack of exercise, stress caused by emotional issues or overuse of the shoulder muscles. Obviously these are all issues that can be avoided one way or another! However, a holistic massage treatment will relieve the immediate pain, allowing you to consider lifestyle changes without being distracted by permanent discomfort.

Treating shoulder tension

Treating shoulder tension

If the pain is caused by a frozen shoulder, massage can help but the root problem needs to be addressed as well. I would advise visiting your doctor or a physiotherapist if you are suffering with this condition.

In the next blog, I will be talking about the best treatment for shoulder tension. Please join me again soon!


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