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Why is Rose water an effective skin toner?

June 20th, 2019
About Hydrolat

Aromatic distilled water is separated from aromatic plants when extracting essential oils by steam distillation. This water, which contains a fragrance component, is called hydrolat or aromatic water.

Distilled waters such as rose, neroli and lavender are well-known. However, any essential oil extracted by the steam distillation method also extracts the aromatic distilled water of the plant as a by-product.

Aromatic distilled water is often used as a skin toner.

Rose water is effective skin toner

Roses grow well in fertile, well-drained, and mildly acidic soil. It is not an exaggeration to say that the quality of rose water is determined by the quality of this environment. The world’s best roses are said to be from Bulgaria, because the Bulgarian climate and soil are the most suitable for growing.

Aromatic distilled water, extracted using the correct method from flowers that bloomed in such an environment, become slightly acidic.

One of the important roles of skin toner is to keep the skin’s pH mildly acidic after the cleansing process. So rose water, which is a naturally mildly acidic liquid, can be used as a wonderfully effective skin toner.

In particular, acne is thought to be caused by the growth and inflammation of certain bacteria such as Cutibacterium acnes, and it is essential to adjust the pH of the skin to prevent this. Rose water is one of the items I want to recommend for skin suffering from this condition.