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Anti-Aging Care Part 1 : what is the best anti-aging care?

July 22nd, 2012

Nowadays I have become more aware of this word, more so than when I was younger at least! The desire for everlasting youth and beauty is the same for women of all ages and backgrounds.

This tempting word attracts many people, but most people don’t really know what anti-aging care involves. To start, we need to recognise what sort of skin is the ideal. In terms of skin analysis, the most beautiful skin includes good hydration and moisture, smoothness, suppleness, elasticity and a flawless complexion. So the first step of anti-aging care is to assess how much your skin changes from this ideal as time passes. The second step is to respond with the appropriate products or treatments. In this way we can delay our aging process successfully!

Changes in the skin due to aging can be complex – however, the most visible concerns are wrinkles, fine lines and sluggishness. These are almost always caused by a reduction in skin hydration and a lack of elasticity and firmness. Putting it technically, the aging process reduces skin oil production and decreases collagen and elastin in the dermis.

Both wrinkled and sluggish skin basically has the same root cause. The skin structure, failing with age, shows dullness and forms ridges or creases on the surface.
There are three different types of wrinkles you can generally recognise – superficial lines caused by dryness, expression lines due to a decline in the dermis structure, and finally fine lines due to a lack of muscle tone that comes with age.

Therefore, in order to treat wrinkles and dullness it is important to activate the skin metabolism and improve the muscle functions on an even deeper level!

In my next blog I will be letting you into a few secrets on how to achieve this!

To be continued…