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Japanese Facelift Massage with Environ 85 mins

June 18th, 2016

This is one of the most unique Japanese facial techniques. Combined with Environ vitamin mask, the skin will appear firmer and more youthful, smoothing out any wrinkles by reinvigorating the muscles.

It’s  especially recommended for…

  • Non-surgical face lift,
  • wrinkle and line
  • aging skin
  • sluggish skin
  • dull skin
  • facial detox

So here is how we perform this fantastic facial treatment!

〇 With the initial consultation, we’ll check your physical and skin condition, medical history, allergies etc and ask about your main concerns and expectations in order to tailor-make your bespoke treatment.


①  Steam cleansing – removing any impurities with facial steam (including make-up removal, skin cleansing, deep cleansing, extraction and toning)


②  Vitamin cocktail facial mask to nourish and soothe the skin.


③ During the mask, we’ll massage your neck, shoulder, decolute and head area to improve the blood and lymphatic circulation.This process is very important to form sharper facial contours and to ease muscular tension.

neck and shoulder massage

 ④ Japanese natural face lift massage – working on the major muscles in the face.

Gankin face lift

⑤  Final stage (Toning, Moisturising, SPF)


As everyone has a different facial shape we tailor the treatments for each individual’s condition, using appropriate techniques. You can learn self-massage techniques for continued home care after the treatment as well!

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