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Anti-Aging Care Part 2 – The definition of wrinkles and how to treat them

August 9th, 2012

Wrinkles – these superficial lines are recognisable as thin horizontal lines on the surface of the skin. As these are mainly caused by low moisture levels in the honey layer of the skin (the topmost skin layer), they can be treated by plumping up with a night cream, serum or even facial mask that is rich in moisture ingredients. Vitamin E, hyaluronic acid or ceramide are famous active ingredients for improving the skin’s hydration level, helping to reduce wrinkles such as these.

The facial mask helps to soften the skin and improve skin hydration, as it keeps moisture in and helps active ingredients to penetrate better by occluding the skin.

The expression lines show as vertical lines against the facial muscles. The dermis is like a sponge – it contains hydrating molecules, maintaining freshness and elasticity. However, as a result of aging the moisture level declines along with the quantity of collagen and elastin. In addition the web-like structure of the epidermis also becomes dull, due to the use of muscle expressions such as blinking or even muscular tension associated with stress. This causes a lack of firmness and suppleness – resulting in aging lines! Ultraviolet rays and free-radicals are also major contributory causes of aging, resulting in damage to the epidermis.

Facial massage and masks are strongly recommended for these lines! Facial massage improves the skin metabolism by increasing the blood circulation and lymph function. The deep relaxation given is also a great benefit for soothing away wrinkles, as it eases the muscle tension and balances the body and mind! Vitamins A and C are effective ingredients as they help collagen and elastin production. Facial masks soften the skin and seal moisture in, helping with hydration.

Finally, deep fine lines are a common sight around the eyes, mouth and cheeks with slack skin appearing around the contours.

These “crow’s feet” are the result of losing muscle tone and suppleness. The most beneficial treatment for these is to improve the metabolism and tighten the muscles. A mask or serum with argireline or leuphasyl is one of the most effective cutting-edge ingredients to boost the skin. Mechanical facial treatments including ultrasound and non-surgical facial lift-up massage can also help to work on the deeper skin layers, resulting in improved muscle tone. The ultrasound facial therapy with active vitamin serum helps to soothe away the crow’s feet!

In conclusion, anti-aging skin care can be variable depending on the degree of aging. “Be happy and smile” is the most important way to keep youthful, and enjoy looking after your skin through the changes of age!

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