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How to treat knee pain

May 28th, 2014


Carrying on from our last blog, “The causes of knee pain”, it’s time to look at the obvious next step – how best to treat this condition? Well, serious knee conditions are often best dealt with by an osteopath or other medical professionals. However, we at Rikyu can certainly help to alleviate the pain you may be feeling! I’d like to tell you about a few ways we can address the problem.

First, if you have restricted movement in the knee area a massage can be effective in loosening the joints and getting some free movement back. If the area is inflamed, though, a cold compress is recommended instead. A massage could possibly aggravate the condition by increasing the flow of blood, so it’s better to be safe.

I would also recommend our Zen Spiritual Stone Therapy treatment.

Another treatment I have found effective is Bowen Therapy. This balancing and stimulating technique isn’t especially widely known, but I’ve seen it work very well for muscular or joint problems. Please take a look and learn about it!