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Oriental Yin Yang Aromatherapy 90 mins

June 17th, 2016

※ This is our most popular body treatment at Rikyu!

Aromatherapy has now become a well-known alternative therapy in the West. It is a type of massage therapy to harmonise the mind and body by combining a blend of essential oils from the aromatic extracts of plants. Oriental Yin Yang Aromatherapy is a very unique approach to aromatherapy, combining the Traditional Chinese Medicinal (TCM) theories of “Yin / Yang” and “Five Elements” with modern Western techniques.

In TCM theory, it is believed that Ki (Qi in Chinese) – the invisible vital energy of the universe –  flows through our bodies, playing an important role in supporting our active life force energy.

For example, the level of Ki becomes low when you feel tired physically. When the Ki level is too high, however, you can feel overexcited. This very often results in mental exhaustion, agitation and insomnia. At other times you may feel nervous or irritated. In these instances the Ki becomes stagnant, and needs to be unblocked so it can flow freely once again.

In the Oriental Yin Yang Aromatherapy treatment, we diagnose any physical or emotional problems you may be suffering from during the pre-treatment assessment. We then select the most appropriate essential oils to balance the Ki level and release the blockage, resulting in an easing of muscular tensions and replenishing the Ki energy.

This treatment is especially recommended for…

  • Tiredness (lower backache, cold and heavy limbs) and/or muscular tension (migraine, backache, shoulder pain) associated with mental fatigue including stress, worry and over-thinking
  • Chronic fatigue
  • irregular menstruation, period pain, PMS
  • Cellulite, water retention
  • Constipation and helping to reduce fatty deposits around the abdominal area
  • Improving well-being
  • Deeper relaxation for body and mind
  • Those who wish to have a facial massage done (not including steam, facial mask etc. Please choose a facial treatment if you wish to treat your skin.)
  • Those who wish to have reflexology or reiki combined with Aromatherapy.

〇 First, we check your physical condition (including pre-existing conditions), and whether you have any concerns with medication or allergies. Then we will discuss your concerns and what you need from your treatment, and we will create the required program for you.


〇  We select the most appropriate essential oils to balance the Ki, according to Yin/Yang and the Oriental five elements theory. We then create your original 30ml aromatic blended oil!


〇 With your special aromatic blended oil to balance the Ki ,we will massage on the meridians and acupuncture points in the body for the purpose of eliminating Ki stagnation. I will also pay special attention to where your body needs to be massaged.

※ Applying gentle yet deep pressure on acupressure points alongside the spine to release the Ki blockage. and calm the nerves.

※ For backache and/or lower back ache, we focused on massaging around the spine and lumber/sacrial areas. We also work on the meridian lines in the back to regulate the Ki flow.

※ Applying a deep tissue massage technique into the trapezius (the muscle  located at the base of the neck, running down to the shoulder blades) for shoulder pain

※  Massaging the buttock area, backs of legs, backs of knees and ankles for tired legs, water retention, lower backache and cold feet.

※ Lymphatic drainage is effective for water retention and cellulite problems.

body massage

※ Warm stones can be placed on the soles for cold feet.

※ If you are concerned with stress-related digestive complaints or any female conditions involving period pains, PMS, irregular menstruation or sterility we can combine this treatment with Reflexology.


※ For tired legs due to too much walking or cold feet, massaging the front of legs is essential. We also work on meridians and acupressure points for complains of the reproductive system, lower back ache, shoulder tension, headaches and migraine.


※ We massage the arms and hands well, to ease shoulder and neck tension and relieve heaviness in the arms due to overworking at the computer.

※ We may include an abdominal massage for constipation and reducing fatty deposits.


※ Pressing deeply on acupressure point GB20 (which translates as “Wind Pond”), located in two small grooves just under the base of the back skull. It is good for tension relief, especially for those who are suffering with headaches, shoulder tension, neck stiffness and eye strain.

neck and shoulder massage

※ Massaging the muscles in the temples is very effective in combatting the effects of headaches and eye strain.

head massage

※ Facial massage can be included for those who show tiredness in their facial expressions.

Facial lymphatic massage

※ Reiki may be applied for those who are suffering with insomnia, agitation, moodiness, overexcitement or any form of mental tiredness and emotional exhaustion.


〇 Please take away the remaining blended oil to use as a bath and/or massage oil !

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