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Aromatic blend for May | Essential oils from England with Five Elements

May 6th, 2019

In May, England is the season when the flowers and herbs are in full bloom, and the English Garden is a place of natural beauty.

In addition to the Chelsea Flower Show, it is a season when gardens in locations such as National Trust properties and stately homes are very popular.

So, in May, we will introduce an English Garden-themed aromatic blend using essential oils from England.

Essential oils from England

  • Peppermint
  • Roman (English) camomile
  • German camomile
  • Yarrow
  • Angelica root
  • Hyssop
  • Clary sage
  • Thyme
  • Lavender

At present, the essential oils listed above are grown or extracted in the farms of Norfolk, England, and lavender fields.

British essential oils are mainly extracted from herbs.

In the Eastern medicine, the herbaceous aromatic energy of essential oils is often thought to have a function to make the circulation of “Qi” smoother.
They have the power to release pain emotionally and physically, calming and refreshing your mind.

Aromatic blend for May bath salts

Today, with the essential oils produced in the UK, I created an aromatic blend on the theme of “English gardens” that shows the appreciation of natural beauty. Also, in order to nourish the mind and flow the Qi smoothly, I focused on the aromatic energy corresponding to the Five Elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water)

  • Jojoba oil (5 ml)
  • Natural salt table spoon (5-6)
  • Essential oils:
    • English Chamomile (2 drops)
    • English Lavender (1 drop)
    • Peppermint (2 drops)
    • Clary sage (1 drop)
    • Geranium (1 drop)
How to make
  1. Add jojoba oil to the container.
  2. Add the essential oils one by one. Check the aroma carefully.
  3. Mix with natural salt and finish!

Five Elements and Aromatic energy

With reference to “Spirit and Aromatherapy” (by Gabriel Mojay), I will explain the properties of essential oils based on the Five Elements from oriental medicine.

English Chamomile is recommended when you want to relieve stress, tension, frustration and anger. From the client feedback I’ve received, it supports best when the solar plexus is feeling tight and the mind is overburdened!
In the Five Elements it belongs to “Wood”, and is considered to have an aromatic energy that smooths the flow of Qi and relieves pain.

English Lavender also has the energy to release stagnant emotions and calm and stabilize the mind.

Among the Five Elements it is said to belong to the “Heart”.

Peppermint refreshes your mind, activates your nerves and thoughts and wakes you up. It is good for immediate recovery from mental fatigue. It is one of the most effective essential oils for the digestive system, and in the Five Elements it is classified as an “Earth” essential oil.

Clary Sage is a unique herb that combines a smoky bitter and sweet aroma, and is an essential oil that works to relieve mental and physical tension and fatigue. It belongs to “Metal” in the category of the Five Elements, and has a property that brings balance to the mind and body. Personally, I add this essential oil as an accent to floral scents such as lavender and geranium, as it is an oil that enhances their relaxing effects.

Geranium is not an essential oil often extracted in the UK, but it is one of the main garden herbs in the country. Geranium is a scent that adds freshness to the floral tone reminiscent of rose. In Oriental medicine it belongs to the “Water” element, and works to bring a sense of security and calmness if you are feeling upset or anxious.