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Holistic therapy sccess story

August 29th, 2012

In my last blog I talked about the concept behind our Wabi-Sabi Holistic Therapy treatment. Now I’d like to introduce you to one of my clients!

Seb is a 35-year-old art director, who came to me complaining of back pain, shoulder tension and neck stiffness. He was also suffering from headaches and migraines as a result of this discomfort. He let me know that his diet was good, but he was lacking exercise and a regular night’s sleep. Most importantly, he was spending his days staring at a computer screen all day at work, living the “desk jockey” lifestyle!

It seemed to me that his lifestyle was affecting his body condition. In turn, physical tiredness was causing mental tiredness, resulting in a loss of concentration and enthusiasm for his job. His work is actually interesting and creative, so he didn’t understand why he wasn’t looking forward to going to work in the mornings. In short, it was a downward spiral!

I decided to focus on his neck, shoulders and back with a therapeutic body massage to ease the stiffness in his muscles. As well as the body massage I gave him reflexology and a head massage.

After the treatment was finished he felt physically better, but most importantly for him he felt clearer in his mind. He hadn’t noticed how tired he had really been, and thought he was only suffering back pain as he was spending his days sitting at a desk!

The reality was that his problems weren’t as simple as he thought, as a number of factors were all feeding off each other in a complex fashion. The only way for me to deal with these issues was to organise a treatment programme that would “attack” them from several different directions!

Reflexology helped him to realign his physical and emotional well-being, as this is the only therapy which accesses the whole body system.
Head massage helped to relieve his headaches and eye strain, but it is also a good treatment to clear the mind, especially if you are suffering from anxiety, overthinking, or a lack of inspiration!

The next time I saw him, Seb told me he had started sleeping better and his work performance had improved. It seemed his focus and energy had returned after the “blockage” in his mind and body had been removed.

So, a success story! As I said in the previous blog, every Holistic Therapy treatment will be different, as different as the people that come to me. Only by working together can we truly understand what you really need!