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Insect repellent aromatic candle | DIY soy wax candle

August 12th, 2019

Today I’d like to show you how to use insect repellent aroma blends to make homemade insect repellent aroma candles with soy wax.

Soy wax candles are good for the environment and the body, and burn for a long time!
About soy wax

Soy wax is made by hydrogenating soybean oil.
Compared to ordinary paraffin wax, it has a low melting point and a long burning time.
It is a natural material, and has an air purification effect when burned.
Even if soy wax is spilled it can be easily removed with hot water or even soap, making it easy to handle.
Since it is a soft candle, it is recommended to make it in a heat-resistant glass container.

Insect repellent aromatic candle

  • Soy wax (the amount that fits into a glass container)
  • Candle core
  • Glass container
  • Aroma oil (we use insect repellent aroma blend)
  • Chopsticks or similar to support
How to make
1. Put soy wax in a glass container and dissolve in a hot water pot.
2.Mix until the soy wax melts
3.Once the soy wax has melted, remove it from the water pot and insert the candle core.
4.Add aroma oil (about 5-6 drops) and mix.
5.Arrange the core so it is right in the centre.
6.When the wax is set you’re done! Cut the top of the core and adjust the length.
Tip for long lasting scent


Add aroma blend to melted wax during combustion

If you add an aroma blend during the process of making the soy candle, it will have a good scent when it hardens, but the scent will vanish immediately when burned.

Therefore, in order to maintain the fresh aroma scent it is recommended to add aroma oil to the wax melted during the burning of the candle.
It is the same as using the essential oil in the aroma pot.

You can enjoy the flickering candlelight and the scent of the candle without the insects!

The another challenge..
I tried to make a candle with lavender too!
looks good!
However,when burning, the fire may burn into the herb! You have to be careful in danger!

In conclusion, I thought that it would be more practical and safer to make handmade candles with only soy wax.