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DIY lavender moth repellent

July 26th, 2016

Now we are at the height of the English summer – the best season for lavender! 

Lavender essential oil has many uses, from first aid to beauty skin care. What’s more, the aroma of lavender is well-known to have moth repellent properties, and it is that I will be talking about here.

After drying a bunch of lavender, you  can recycle it into lavender sachets for your wardrobe. 

Cut the dry lavender into small pieces, including the stems, and put them into a large paper bag. Add 10 to 20 drops of lavender essential oil into the bag and shake well. You can leave it overnight for even greater efficacy. 

Once the dry lavender infuses nicely with the beautiful lavender aroma, fill some disposable tea bags with it to make sachets. 

Put them in your wardrobe or clothing chest as you wish! 

If the aroma becomes weaker, add more essential oil. Then you can extend their usage up to the next lavender season!