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Handmade green tea body powder

July 10th, 2016

For those of you worried about lingering odours from underarm sweat, this body powder made from green tea will help to eliminate those sticky feelings on the skin.

The gel has an excellent deodorizing effect, suppressing the growth of bacterium that cause odour. Body powder, however, reduces the sticky feelings of sweat on the skin and helps to keep the skin smooth.

Arrowroot powder (Kudzu powder in Japanese) is used as an ingredient for making face powders at Japanese cosmetics company Chidoriya. It absorbs excess sweat and keeps make-up from running on the face. Baking soda too has a deodorant effect, and white clay has qualities to absorb excess oil (sebum), so they work well together as a base for the body powder.


Green tea, the most important part of the recipe, is said to have antioxidant and anti-microbial effects. A summary of research into these effects can be found here. As well as this, it gives you a subtle green tea aroma to freshen your mind!





Eliminate the stickiness of sweaty skin with green tea body powder

Materials and how to make the powder

  • Arrowroot: White Clay: baking soda: Matcha – prepare in a ratio of 3: 3: 3: 1, and place in a container.

Mix all the materials together


Sieve them to create a fine texture.


Re-use an empty honey jar or other small bottle. Drill or punch a hole in the lid.


Use fabric scraps and buttons to decorate the lid, sealing with hair elastic.

It is convenient to carry in a small container.


Deodorant gel and body powder


  • You can use as antiperspirant powder on body parts liable to sweating, such as armpits, legs and back.
  • You can use deodorant gel followed by the body powder, to help to reduce body odour and keep the skin smooth.
  • The powder has a pleasant feeling on the skin, and exudes a faint aroma of green tea after application!