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Rosy Balm | Anti-Aging Massage Balm

October 23rd, 2017

Let’s look at how to make an anti-aging balm using the same method as we did for our all-purpose skin healing salve!

Rosy balm

I made use of the natural pink color of St John’s Wort Oil.
Also, pomegranate oil is added because it’s excellent for the skin’s anti-aging effect, blending with essential oils – mainly fragrant flowers such as rose and jasmine – to finish into a balm that enhances femininity.


Rosy balm


  • Shea butter (13ml)
  • St John’s Wort oil (5ml)
  • Pomegranate oil (5ml)
  • Beeswax (1 ml)
  • Essential oil:
    • Bergamot (2 drops)
    • Lavender (1 drop)
    • Rose (1 drop)
    • Palmarosa (1 drop)
    • Geranium (1 drop)
    • Jasmine (1 drop)
How to make
  1. Put the shea butter, St John’s Wort oil, pomegranate oil and beeswax in a container and warm until it melts.
  2. Once the mix has melted, add essential oils and mix well.
  3. Put in a container and wait until it solidifies (about half a day).
How to use
  • As a moisturizing night cream
  • For removing make-up and cleansing the skin
  • As a massage balm
  • For relaxation (you can apply to the decollete and chest)
  • Hand roughness and nail care

It also contains the anti-inflammatory shea butter and St John’s Wort oil, so is effective for rough skin and redness.

However, since St. John’s Wort and Bergamot essential oils have a photo-sensitization, it’s better to refrain from using them in places that are exposed to the sun during the day.