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Zen spiritual stone therapy

June 17th, 2016

Stone Therapy is a full body treatment using chilled marble and basalt stones, warmed up to about 60 degrees. The use of alternating hot and cold stones bring out their spiritual energy, allowing you to receive nature’s bounty and the benefits of Mother Earth. It will relieve tension of the mind and body, so you can relax and replenish your energy. Because we use aromatic body oil blended with specially chosen essential oils designed to meet your concerns,  this treatment has an aromatherapeutic effect too.

Our Zen Spiritual Stone Therapy can improve your wellbeing at the physical, psychological, and spiritual levels!

We’ve found that it can be especially beneficial for those who are suffering with…

  • Poor circulation, cold hands and feet
  • SAD (seasonal affective disorder)
  • muscular stiffness and general lethargy (aggravated by the winter season of course)
  • Tiredness (lower back ache, cold and heavy limbs) and/or muscular tension (migraine, backache, shoulder pain) associated with mental fatigue including stress, worry and over-thinking
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Physical and mental exhaustion
  • Deeper relaxation for body and mind

〇 First, we check your physical condition (including pre-existing conditions), and whether you have any concerns with medication or allergies. Then we will discuss your concerns and what you need from your treatment, and we will create the required program for you.


〇 We select the most appropriate essential oils, including rare Japanese essential oils, to improve your condition, feelings and concerns. We then create your original 30ml aromatic blended oil.


〇  Working with alternating warm and cold stones, we treat your whole body, mind and spirit.

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※ First of all your body will be warmed up with the heated Basalt stones. The hot stones help to increase the blood flow throughout your system,  improving the body metabolism and relaxing the muscles


※ Cold marble helps to tone the body warmed up with hot basalt stones, and sweeps away accumulated waste products  by contracting the blood vessels. In addition, it has the effect of calming inflammation. Good for headaches and migraine.


※ One massage stroke with a hot stone is believed to have the equivalent effect to between five and ten hand strokes, suggesting that the treatment is more effective than a conventional massage.

stone therapy

※ Using alternating warm and cold stones work very well to release muscular tension, especially stress-related knots which you may have been holding on to for years!

stone therapy

※ Heated and chilled stones are placed underneath the back to soften, warm and relax the back muscles.


※ The stones are placed on various chakra points in the body to connect with the auric field. This is the main part of the energy work with stones!  This energy connection aims to realign the chakras, clearing negativity and blockages and giving fresh new energy to harmonise your life force!


※ Spinal spiral: Working alongside the spine with a Selenite Wand Stone aids the harmony of the spinal fluid, giving a sedating effect to the nervous system. Believe it or not, these stones have a magical vibration that influences the body and mind in a positive way!


〇  Please take away the remaining blended oil to use as a bath and/or massage oil !

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