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Do you need a toner? | Open pores, roughness and textured skin | Environ | RICE FORCE

May 9th, 2020

It is difficult to achieve effective skin care using only toner. However, I feel that a good skin toner is an essential item to enhance the benefits of a skin care regime.
In particular, if you don’t feel that the serum or cream you use is as effective as you hoped, despite the expense, you might wish to consider changing your toner.

Toner is used to remove dirt and dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, and to condition the skin’s pH levels. This enhances the effectiveness of your skin care routine, as the active components of the products you use can be delivered better.

For skin pH regulation after cleansing

Toner is indispensable for wiping off after cleansing.

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Due to the dry climate in the UK, the concept of “double cleansing” is not widely known. In such an environment, over-washing the skin will cause it to dry out, so unless you have oily skin or it’s the summer months, it is more common to clean the skin with a cleansing agent (cleansing milk, water etc) and then a toner to wipe off.

With “double cleansing”, do you also need a toner?
Here as well it is better to use a toner after washing your face. This is because it will quickly restore the skin’s pH levels and prepare an effective environment for skin-friendly bacteria.

Environ’s Botanical Infused Moisturizing Toner is recommended as a comprehensive toner for all skin types, except for ultra-sensitive skin.


It is the most generic Environ toner.


For skin roughness and open-pore skin 

A toner with a mild peeling effect can be effective for rough and textured skin, and dull and open pores.

Lactic acid has a function that regulates the skin’s pH and softens the surface of the skin. It has a mild peeling action that tightens pores and improves texture while eliminating dead skin. Lactic acid, too, is indigenous to the skin already as a moisturizing factor, so it is an excellent ingredient that has affinity with the skin for a peeling effect, as well as moisturizing.

Environ Derma-Lac Lotion is a mildly acidic lotion with pH 4.4, whose main component is lactic acid. Especially recommended for those who are concerned about textured skin with open pores.


For open pores


If your skin is prone towards maturity, and tends to feel textured, dull, or with loose or open pores, try Environ Alpha Hydroxy Toner.
Here, the pH value is 3.5. It contains glycolic acid and is more acidic than the Derma-Lac lotion, giving it a stronger peeling effect.
Recommended when you need intensive care for dead skin cells and pores.


For intensive care for aged and textured skin with open pores

When using Derma-Lac lotion or Alpha Hydroxy Toner, the first requirement is that both are not sensitive to the skin. This is because using a toner with a peeling effect on sensitive skin may make the skin thinner and weaken the barrier function, further increasing sensitivity.

Make sure your skin isn’t sensitive first. Then for dry skin, we recommend to try the Derma-Lac lotion. If you want intensive care for rough textured skin and open pores, Alpha Hydroxy Toner would be the best choice.


For roughness with sensitive skin

Toner made of Japanese rice for dry and textured skin

If you want to eliminate dullness and roughness you can create a beautiful appearance even though you have dry and sensitive skin!
We also recommend Rice Force Deep Clear Lotion for those who want to treat drier skin with open pores. This toner is derived from Japanese rice, which supports water retention while eliminating excess dead skin.


For inflamed skin with acne

Use this toner when you have active acne

There are various stages of acne, but if it is inflamed and red, a toner that controls the pH while sterilizing the skin would be the best choice. 
In this case, we recommend using a lotion containing ingredients such as tea tree, that have a high antibacterial effect against acne bacteria.
For Environ, we recommend Sebutone Clarifier toner, which contains salicylic acid in addition to lactic acid, to prevent thickening of the keratin while reducing acne inflammation and improving the skin condition.


Toner can adjust the pH levels, removing excess dirt and dead skin and making the skin smooth. It is an important item to prepare the skin for any subsequent care, making it even more effective to deliver the ingredients where they are needed.

When wiping your skin with toner, apply an adequate amount on a cotton pad and gently stroke it without rubbing too hard.

Please consult us individually regarding the best skin toner to suit your skin.

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