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Can Environ be used on sensitive skin? | Retinoid reaction

May 2nd, 2020

Vitamin A is an essential vitamin for repairing and regenerating the skin, but some people might be hypersensitive to it. This side-effect of vitamin A is called “retinoid reaction”.

About Retinoid reaction

The retinoid reaction is a response to vitamin A for the skin. It may present as Erythema, itchiness or flaking. It would take around two days to around one month to calm down the skin.

This could be because the skin has been depleted of suitable levels of vitamin A for a long time, causing the metabolic processes to slow down and resulting in the skin overreacting towards a sudden and excessive influx of vitamin A.

Another reason could be that the enzyme systems in the sebaceous glands are more sensitive to Vitamin A, and so secretions are reduced, leading to skin dryness. The skin may show small reddish and itchy pimples because the follicles in the sebaceous glands are inflamed. Usually it takes around two weeks to three months for the skin to adapt to vitamin A and become clearer.

All of these reactions can be explained by the skin receiving too much Vitamin A too soon.

If any retinoid reaction occur,  you can lower the level of the vitamin cream or reduce the amount you are using. Use the cream every other day, or mix the Environ with your favorite moisturiser so you can introduce the Vitamin A to the skin gradually and slowly. 

Environ options for sensitive skin

If you are new to Environ and are considering using it, but are worried about having a retinoid reaction, you’d be given 2 options. – Youth EssentiA AVST Gel for sensitive skin or the Environ Anti-Oxidant gel if you have super sensitive skin.

For sensitive skin, you can start with the Environ AVST Vitamin gel. It contains a lower concentration of Retinyl Palmitate than Level 1 of Youth EssentiA AVST Cream, so you can gently introduce Vitamin A into your skin.


Sensitive skin

For extra-sensitive skin, Environ has another option – the Antioxidant gel that has even lower Vitamin A levels than the AVST gel.
This is a very mild Vitamin A gel containing β-carotene, which is a plant-based vitamin A, as a main ingredient. It would be the most effective to introduce vitamin A for super sensitive skin.


For extra sensitive skin

Remember – Not everyone’s skin will have a retinoid reaction. In fact, only a small amount of people are sensitive to Vitamin A. What’s more, Vitamin A is an essential vitamin for creating the healthy skin. So please do not too afraid of using a cream containing vitamin A! 

However, if you are concerned about a vitamin A reaction, you can always start with these two Environ options. Please consult first, explaining your skin condition, and we can recommend the best Environ cream to begin with! 

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