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Healthy hair and healthy heart with aromas

January 24th, 2017

Today, I would like to introduce to you the essential oils especially recommended for hair care. These are guaranteed to make both your hair and mind feel clear and healthy! We’ll take a look at some organic shampoo and conditioner recipes you can make by hand using these oils, affecting hair growth, alopecia areata and oily ordry dandruff. With just a base material and an appropriate essential oil it will be easy to prepare the recipe, so read on and enjoy the organic method of hair care!



Recommended essential oil for hair care


For making shampoo, essential oils are selected according to the individual condition of the scalp and hair. Hair growth and itching or dandruff are the main concerns we wish to deal with, and the selection of the oil should be based on what best enhances the removal of dirt and extra sebum. It is preferable that the essential oil for scalp and hair quality is the same for both shampoo and conditioner.

Limonene, the main component of citrus essential oil, has a fat decomposition effect that makes it easier to remove sebum, so if you want to improve the cleansing effects on the skin it is better to add citrus essential oils such as grapefruit or orange. Alpha pinene is said to have the same effect. Forest-derived essential oils such as Juniper and Cypress will be effective as well.

Rosemary is said to have a hair growth effect  It’s a commonly used ingredient for hair care. Also, a blend of rosemary, lavender, thyme and cedarwood is effective for treating alopecia areata.

Regarding greasy dandruff: in addition to excessive sebum secretion, it is said to be caused by the growth of Malassezia fungi. A report showing the effect of care with a shampoo containing 5% of tea tree oil with antimicrobial activity shows this. 

For dry dandruff, research has shown the positive effects of blending Palmarosa, Geranium, Spike Lavender, Tea Tree, Blue Camomile, Peppermint.

The recipe I made is based on these.


Organic aroma shampoo & conditioner to make your hair and mind healthy!


Shampoo material:

  • Organic shampoo base (SLS free) 100ml
  • Essential oil 60 drops (dilution rate 2%)
    • 8 drops grapefruit 
    • 7 drops pine
    • 5 drops cedarwood
    • 14 drops rosemary cineol
    • 11 drops tea tree 
    • 9 drops spike lavender
    • 6 drops peppermint 


Conditioner material:

  • Organic conditioner base 100ml
  • Essential oil 60 drops (dilution rate 2%)
    • 9 drops lavender
    • 16 drops geranium
    • 4 drops palmarosa
    • 8 drops bergamot
    • 9 drops rosemary cineol
    • 8 drops rosemary vervenone
    • 6 drops tea tree 


Add the essential oil to the base material and mix well.

A recent article shows that the organic shampoo and conditioner base materials we use have been verified as effective.

Finally, aromatherapy is a discipline that has a great influence on the mind. For people who want to enhance the healing effects on their body while shampooing, it is important to blend your favourite fragrances. In addition, please combine various essential oils with reference to the above, selecting the oils that focus on hair growth and dandruff.

I hope this has been useful, and please enjoy your organic method of hair care!