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Five minute energy to beat the winter blues

January 13th, 2015


Although it is warm in London this year compared to the usual winter season, it’s still a long way to spring!

Since the winter cold causes a decline in both physical and mental energy, we tend to stay indoors instead of going out, or exercise less even though our food intake increases. We often choose an energy-saving lifestyle to retain the energy we do have. 

However, it is obvious that a lifestyle like this doesn’t produce any fresh energy. Because the energy that we do have isn’t burned off the body is always cold. In addition, since the immune system becomes weakened we can easily catch a cold . Since there is no source of vitality we always feel sleepy or unmotivated, putting things off to save what energy we have. As a result, it sometimes feels like we can’t achieve anything we need to do. What’s more, this “unused” energy accumulates in the body as negative energy, and turns to mental imbalances – lack of enthusiasm, anxiety and frustration, lack of self-confidence and so on.

These are the symptoms and patterns of the “winter blues”. Do you have any other symptoms you can think of in your condition?

To overcome the winter season with a store of preserved food is only suitable for animals! Humans need something extra.

In Japan, in a classic book called “Makura No Soushi” (“The Pillow Book”) it is said that the early morning is the most beautiful time of the day in winter. In the morning, why don’t you take a walk in the neighborhood, even for 5 minutes? You can take in the freshest energy of the day to energise your body and mind.

Even though it may be cold don’t give in to it, but get out in the air to take in new energy and balance your well-being!