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The ODT method – How to improve dull and dry skin overnight!

November 25th, 2016

Damaged skin after suffering sunburn, roughness, dry skin feeling like a powder puff….We all know how it feels! In today’s blog I’ll be introducing the recommended methods for combating these skin disorders as quickly as possible.


All you need is 2 pieces of cling film


After cleansing and toning the skin with your regular cleansing agent and toner, apply your moisture cream thickly. If your skin is damaged, organic vegetable oil with anti-inflammatory properties such as jojoba oil can be more beneficial than using normal moisturizer.

Place one piece of cling film from the nose to the forehead, then put another piece of film on the area below the nose down to the chin. Make sure the cling film is placed firmly enough to be in close contact with the skin. Also make sure you can breathe properly! Leave it for 5 to 10 minutes. If the skin still feels greasy after having the wrap removed, you can blot the skin with a tissue.


This is called the ODT method.


ODT stands for Occlusive Dressing Treatment. It is a treatment method that was originally developed for sealing wounds with a bandage. By sealing the skin, it prevents moisture evaporation from the surface and aids the healing process. This method helps the skin to create a “natural steam effect”, so you can take advantage of it for beauty purposes! It will soften your skin, and increase the potential for active ingredients to penetrate.

Rough and sunburn-damaged skin often has a weakened barrier function, and so the skin becomes sensitive. By covering the skin with this film, contact with outside agents is lessened, accelerating the healing of inflammation and keeping the skin moisturized and with an enhanced protective function.

If you are concerned about dry and aging skin, apply the nourishing essence solution to your skin and overlay cream. Then place the cling film on the top of it. This wrap becomes like an instant facial mask that will make your skin replenish and revitalise.

The ODT method is an excellent beauty method derived from first aid, and is also used for professional salon and spa treatments.