RICE FORCE MASSAGE – Japanese aromatherapy with “sake” foot bath (95 mins)

Our RICE FORCE MASSAGE starts with a Japanese sake (rice wine) foot bath, to relax you and prepare for the treatment. This will release muscular aches and pains and relax bodily tightness and fatigue, as well as harmonising the mind and body with RICE FORCE Japanese aromatic treatment oil.

This treatment is especially recommended for…

  • Tiredness (lower backache, cold and heavy limbs) and/or muscular tension (migraine, backache, shoulder pain) associated with mental fatigue including stress, worry and over-thinking
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Impure and uninspired spirit
  • Improving well-being
  • Deeper relaxation for body and mind
  • Those who wish to have a facial massage done (not including steam, facial mask etc. Please choose a facial treatment if you wish to treat your skin.)
  • Those who wish to have foot bath reflexology or reiki combined with Aromatherapy.
  • Those who wish to have a different type of Aromatherapy 

〇 First, we check your physical condition (including pre-existing conditions), and whether you have any concerns with medication or allergies. Then we will discuss your concerns and what you need from your treatment, and will create the required program for you.

〇 Let’s have a “Japanese sake foot bath” for taking a little breather! A small amount of Japanese sake will be added to warm water to promote blood circulation and enhance relaxation. During the foot bath, please choose one of our three types of RICE FORCE treatment oil. See more details below.

※ If you are allergic to alcohol or can’t use for reason relating to religion or customs, we will prepare an alternative to Japanese sake. Please feel free to let us know. 




About RICE FORCE Japanese aromatic treatment oil?

Blended beautiful natural Japanese essential oils such as Yuzu and Japanese red cedar. The aromatic energy of these oils resonates beyond the physical level, giving deep replenishment to the spirit and soul. We have three aromatic blends to adjust the excess and deficient ‘Ki’ and let it flow freely.

RF treatment oil

  Treatment oil – QI -Energy-


Main essential oils Yuzu (Japanese citrus peel), Hiba, Hinoki (Japanese cypress), Japanese red cedar.  

A woody blend of cypress, cedar, and hiba offers a crisp, uplifting, and energetic scent. It helps to tonify the “deficient” Ki.

For more details here

Treatment oil – SEI -Relax-


Main essential oils Yuzu (Japanese citrus peel), Petitgrain, Neroli

This therapeutic yuzu-based citrus mix scent is designed to offer the deepest relaxation. It helps to calm the body and mind by reducing excess Ki.

For more details here

Treatment oil – RYU -Muscle-


Main essential oils Yuzu (Japanese citrus peel), Hakka (Japanese mint)

Refreshing mint is mixed with yuzu for a clean scent that will purify and reset your soul. It helps the stagnant “Ki” to flow freely. 

For more details here

Treatment oil – Ku –


Main vegetable oil     Japanese rice oil, Japanese camellia seed oil

If you are allergic to essential oils or not keen on a particular fragrance, we have non-aromatic treatment oil – Ku – as well. Fragrance-free. Step into simplicity and tranquility in a meditative trance!

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Combining several Japanese effleurage (手掌軽擦法) and acupressure techniques (指頭圧迫法), it helps to promote blood circulation and energy flow. Our Japanese RICE FORCE Massage therapy is excellent for activating the body’s self-healing powers and restoring a feeling of well-being to both the spirit and mind, as well as achieving relief from muscle pains. 


※  First, we massage the buttock area, backs of legs, backs of knees and ankles, to improve the circulation for the whole body as well as to relieve tired legs and water retention.

※ Applying gentle yet deep pressure on key acupressure points alongside the spine to release the Ki blockage, especially effective in relieving stress and nervous tension. It also helps regulate internal organs and hormone balance.

※ Focused on massaging the meridian around the spine and lumbar/sacrial areas to regulate the Ki flow.

※ Applying a deep tissue massage technique into the trapezius (the muscle located at the base of the neck, running down to the shoulder blades) for shoulder pain.

※ A warm bean pillow mask will be placed over your eyes when you lie on your back.


※ At the front of the leg there are many meridian and acupressure points that are effective for gynecological disorders, lower back pain, stiff shoulders, headache, and energizing the body’s Ki. Also effective for tired legs from cold feet or too much walking.

※ Combining with Reflexology helps to address stress-related digestive complaints or any female conditions, including period pains, PMS, irregular menstruation or sterility.

※ There are meridian points on the arms and hands that are also effective for shoulder and neck stiffness, as well as improving the skin condition. 

※ Abdominal massage is great for constipation and digestive complaints.

※ Deep tissue massage around the shoulder and neck to relieve headaches, shoulder tension, neck stiffness and eye strain.

※ Head “tsubo” massage is very effective in combatting the effects of headaches and eye strain.

※ Facial “tsubo” application is great for improving ‘tired’ facial expressions.

※ The treatment includes “deep breathing techniques” for rebalancing and grounding the mind. Very helpful for those who are suffering from insomnia, agitation, moodiness, overexcitement or any form of mental tiredness and emotional exhaustion.

〇 After the treatment, please have a cup of herbal tea before coming back to the real world!