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Japanese essential oil – Citrus aroma – RICE FORCE Treatment oil SEI

September 7th, 2017

Today, I’ll be taking a closer look at the formula of our Rice Force treatment essential oil named SEI (Relax).


This is a fresh citrus blend based on yuzu. The fragrance is blended to achieve deep relaxation, aiming to loosen the body, quench excessive feelings of insecurity and calm the emotions.

The oil contains the following essential oils:

  • Yuzu (For yuzu, please refer to this article.)
  • Bitter Orange (branches and leaves)
  • Bitter Orange (flowers)

Also, please look at the information about the vegetable oil contained in SEI.


Petitgrain and Neroli are essential oils extracted from the same plant


Bitter orange

Bitter Orange is a plant of the Orchidaceae family, which we call ‘Dai Dai’ in Japan. The fragrance extracted from the flower part of this plant is commonly called Neroli, and the essential oil taken from the branches is called Petitgrain. Essential oils can also be extracted from the skin of the bitter orange fruit. It is interesting to note that different essential oils can be extracted from different parts of the same plants. Also, even in the same Orchidaceae family, there are no essential oils extracted from the flowers, branches and leaves of plants such as Sweet Orange and Bergamot, but we can see that Bitter Orange has fragrant components to be found in each part.

The characteristic smell of this bitter orange flower, along with its elegant and refreshing floral style, is said to have the effect of calming emotions and decreasing palpitations.

Research suggests that it helps relieve stress and improve hormonal balance. In addition, there is a report showing its anxiolytic action. Neroli is a fragrance that can be used to improve emotional and spiritual imbalance, with an excellent effect to bring out positive energies in the mind.



The Petitgrain extracted from the branches and leaves of Bitter Orange is an essential oil often used for male beauty care – oily skin treatments, deodorants etc.

It has been shown to contribute to balancing the autonomic nervous system, and its antidepressant action is also said to be effective.



Both Neroli and Petitgrain are scents that encourage sleep, so you can use them to help improve insomnia.

The RICE FORCE Treatment Oil SEI (Relax) is a mix of Yuzu and Bitter Orange Citrus, and is an aroma blend focused on mental relaxation.

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