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Skin care for springtime

March 22nd, 2017

The month of March is an energy transition period, when the seasons change from winter to spring and changes emerge in your mind and body too. Feeling sick, drowsy and fatigued is not uncommon at this time of year. The change of the seasons also affects the skin. Skin can become rough, or break out with rashes, open pores, redness and more.

Today, let’s look at skin care to welcome the coming of spring, and how we can enjoy the season at its best!

Spring skin care


Skincare after the winter season


Have you noticed how the end of winter / early spring period can be worse for your skin than the mid-winter when dryness peaks?

This is because your skin is adapting to the change of climate slowly, so it takes some time for changes to become visible. Your current skin condition is affected not by the environment but more by how you cared for your skin one to three months in the past. Therefore, skin that has been neglected for moisturizing or nutritional supplements during winter tends to be unable to change swiftly with the seasons due to weakened metabolism and immune system.

It is important to adjust your skin care regime according to both the current season and the season to come.


Washing the face.


If your skin does become rough in the early springtime, you may see the emergence of pimples and open pores. Alterations in temperature and sunshine levels disturb the skin’s metabolism. The subsequent changes in sebum secretion can cause problems with dirt in the pores. To counteract this, it’s good to clean your skin with a clay mask, or scrub with deep cleansing to gently increase the rate of your skin’s metabolism. If you have a cleansing milk that you use regularly, you can change it to a skin-friendly facial cleansing scrub simply by adding clay.

Washing skin

Moisturizing and nourishing with oil mask for skin inflammation.


When you feel redness or itching on your skin it is important to suppress inflammation and keep your skin moist. For calming the skin, simply apply calendula oil and jojoba oil as they have a high anti-inflammatory action. In addition, the ODT pack method, in which you cover your skin with clingfilm after application of these oils, helps to maintain moisture. You can read about the ODT method here.



Don’t forget UV countermeasures as prevention for the coming summer season.


If you follow the “skin from season to season” theory, the skin in early springtime is affected by the winter, so the skin colour is the brightest and most beautiful state. That’s why it is said that the skin made thinner during the winter responds to the sudden onset of sunshine, which may cause rough skin. There are ultraviolet rays all year round, of course, but their level will increase between spring and summer. The pollen count also rises at this time. When your moods and skin are brightening in the spring due to the weather, remember nevertheless to never let your skin go unprotected.

Spring is the best time to renew a sunscreen to protect your skin. In addition to UVA protection, sunscreen should ideally be applied with a brush in the morning and afternoon, with powder or foundation containing an SPF of 15 at least. Please refer to this article for help with how to choose sunscreen.

Mineral make up


Facial treatments can also be a great way of adjusting your skin condition to the demands of the warmer seasons. Treat your skin with respect and watch it improve!