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Why does a skin toner make your skin healthy and smooth?

July 16th, 2016

Skin toners are the one of the most basic cosmetic products, together with skin cleansers and moisturizers. If you use the toner correctly, your skin will begin to show a rapid improvement. This article will show why a skin toner is important to make healthier and ‘translucent’ looking skin. 

skin toner  

Skin toner can restore the skin pH after cleansing.


The skin has a tendency to become alkaline after being cleansed with facial soap or wash. Toner can help to return your skin to a weaker acidic skin condition (pH 4.5 – 5.5) and balance the skin’s pH level. Why is it important to keep the skin acidity low? Because this is an ideal environment for skin flora, and the skin’s indigenous bacteria is very important to keep the skin healthy, as they decompose sebum (oil) and keep the skin acidic in order to protect from harmful bacteria that can cause problems.  In particular, acne-prone skin can easily see an increase in the P. acnes bacteria(Propionibacterium acnes) that causes acne and imbalances the growth environment for skin flora. Weak acidic skin toner can help to improve this kind of problematic skin condition. 


Skin lotion can be used as a facial mask to improve the skin texture 


The skin toner with a moisturizing effect (more likely to be just called skin lotion), will hydrate and soften the skin. However, water easily disperses in air, so the skin may not get as many optimal benefits as it should.  To penetrate hydration into the epidermis effectively, I would advise soaking the lotion into a face sheet mask or cotton pad and making a whole-face mask.  When the epidermis is fully hydrated, the skin will begin to look healthily ‘translucent’ with a fine, delicate texture.  

face sheet mask

Face sheet mask


Use the toner according to your skin type.


Toner can be used to condition the skin, either by restoring the skin’s pH levels or by hydrating the epidermis. It can play an important role to improve the skin’s environment for effective care subsequently.
As you can see, there are many varieties of toners. Some have a peeling action due to ingredients such as glocolic acid and lactic acid. Others are good at moisturizing the skin with hyaroatic acid or ceramide. There are different options depending on your skin condition and concerns.

Choose the toner to think about both the condition of your skin (sensitive, oily, dry?), specific concerns (acne, age spots, aging, open pores?), and appearance (roughness, textured, dullness, tired, uneven?).

To obtain optimal benefits from the skin toner, you have to choose the right one to work for your skin condition.  

The skin toner plays an important role in conditioning a healthy base for the skin.