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Water helps headaches and migraines

March 22nd, 2017

The easiest way of preventing headaches is to drink water!


About 60% of the human body consists of water – more than half its composition. Dehydration can cause any number of physical problems, the most obvious of which is headaches.

When you are dehydrated it becomes difficult to sweat, leading to a rise in body temperature. The result of this can be a swelling of the blood vessels, causing migraine symptoms. (When this happens, cool down and take measures to reduce the headache.)

Blood circulation worsens if there is a shortage of fluid in the body. The quality and quantity of blood flowing to the brain declines, resulting in headaches. (To counteract this, try and warm yourself.)

Drink eight cups of water a day as a guide.
A glass of water

8 cups is about 2 litres.

Although drinking that much water can seem daunting, consider it in this way:

After waking in the morning → 1 cup

Six cups, one before and after the three main meals (morning, afternoon, evening)

Before going to bed → 1 cup

Dividing your day’s fluid allocation up like this makes it easier for sure!


Water is the origin of our health. Symptoms of ill-health may be caused by a shortage of water in the body. If you can get into the habit of drinking your suggested water allocation every day, it’s my opinion that you’ll soon see your body condition improve!