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What is “Wabi-Sabi Holistic Therapy”?

August 26th, 2012

Looking at the list of treatments we offer at Rikyu, you might be surprised to see some unfamiliar names on the menu! One of our most popular treatments is Wabi-Sabi Holistic Therapy, so let me tell you what it all means!

In my 15 years of professional experience I have found that I never really give the same treatment twice. Even under the general title of “massage”, for example, each client has their own list of concerns and problems to overcome. For a therapist to do the best job possible, we have to provide a bespoke treatment adapted to each client. In fact, it’s impossible to perform the same treatment twice, even if we wish to! Even the same person can have different needs and expectations from day to day, both physically and mentally. Therefore I developed the Holistic Therapy programme, instead of offering the orthodox list of treatments I did in the past.

The concept behind our “Wabi-Sabi Holistic Therapy” is to create an individual programme tailored to your concerns, incorporating many different techniques and approaches to your health condition. We include therapeutic massage, reflexology, reiki, Bowen therapy, deep tissue techniques, stretches and many more. 

But what actually makes it different, you may be asking? Well, the word “holistic” is derived from the Greek “holos” (which gives us both “holy” and “whole” in modern English). In conventional medicine, the word “body” indicates the physical aspect only. Our Holistic Therapy is based on the belief that humans consist of not just the physical body, but also consciousness and the soul. We can’t ignore the existence of the life force energy – called Chi or Qi in Chinese, Ki in Japanese and Prana in Indian languages – which flows through our being in a deep and subtle way.  Our being includes physical, mental,emotional and spiritual aspects working alongside the life force energy. We aim to treat your condition in relation to all these aspects of you as a human being. We don’t take on the role of a doctor is treating specific symptoms – rather, we seek to focus on the development of wellbeing, as well as enhancing your natural healing potential. With a holistic approach to health, the key factor is to create and maintain a balance on all levels – body, mind and soul.

In my next blog, I’ll tell you all about some of my clients who have benefitted from our holistic approach!


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