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March 26th, 2013

At Rikyu we are Environ stockists for both salon treatments and retail products. 
Let me introduce Environ to you, and give you an idea of what it is we do!

Environ cosmetic products are categorized as “Cosmeceutical”, which is a coined word combining “Cosmetics” and “Pharmaceutical”. Environ products are developed on the basis of scientific research for the purpose of improving skin function, especially against visible signs of aging.
They were formulated in 1987 by a Dr. Fernandez in South Africa, which is a well-developed country concerning treatment for sun care. Even dermatologists recommend the products for home skin care.

The main active ingredient of Environ is Vitamin A, which is clinically proven to repair the skin and known to be a skin normaliser in the maintenance of youthful and healthier skin. As well as this, Environ includes Vitamin C, that plays a role in collagen production to work with Vitamin A. Vitamin C also helps to reduce skin blemishes and pigmentation. Other than Vitamin C, which works as a free radical remover, powerful antioxidants are also included – Vitamin E, B5, beta-caroten, Green tea, Rosemary leaf extract etc. The last key ingredients are various peptides that boost and rejuvenate the skin by supplementing growth factors and stimulating the fibroblast. 

In general, the products aim to restore photo-damaged skin to improve skin health and appearance.

The wonderful thing I feel about these cosmetics is that they adopt a step-up system that focuses on quality, quantity, and balance, so that these active ingredients work effectively and gradually penetrate into the skin. 

This makes it easy to feel the effects on the skin. Environ are spreading worldwide as a range of highly effective cosmetic products, especially for the most difficult aging care such as pigmentation and wrinkles.

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