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Aromatic blend for April | Motivating for a new start

April 12th, 2019

April is a time to switch our sources of energy after the spring equinox. Many people undertake a new start in a different environment, either physically or mentally.

I will introduce an aromatic blend to help you make a dynamic change, as well as supporting you for any stress you feel in your new circumstances!

Aromatic blend for April

Black spruce has a “forest scent” containing bornyl acetate that enhances the efficiency of the respiratory system , bringing a fresh feeling.

Rosemary Verbenone is one of the rosemary chemotype essential oils, containing a large amount of verbenone.
It will help to relieve lassitude in the mind and body, while gently improving the metabolism.

Geranium has a good balancing effect, promoting the production of estrogen and supporting the emotions.

In addition, essential oils such as Palmarosa and German chamomile have been added for “transforming” spring skin.

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1 drop of Kuromoji is added to make the scent mellow.
Kuromoji is a Japanese essential oil extracted from tree bark that contains a large amount of linalool, which has a great relaxing effect.

Usually in aromatherapy any citrus aroma can play a role in creating an uplifting fragrance. However, the challenge is to make an inspiring aromatic blend without using any citrus scent.

  • Jojoba oil (10ml)
  • Eessential oils:
    • Geranium (4 drops)
    • Black spruce (4 drops)
    • Rosemary Verbenone (4 drops)
    • Palmarosa (1 drop)
    • German Chamomile (1 drop)
    • Tea tree (2 drops)
    • Kuromoji (2 drops)

How to make

  1. Add 10 ml of the jojoba oil to a roll-on container.
  2. Add all the essential oils one by one and mix well.
How to use
  • As an Aroma Roll-On, apply to the wrist etc.
  • The most effective time to use is after waking up in the morning or when your motivation is low!
  • When applied around the nails, it helps to keep them glowing, healthy and moisturised.